May 14, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Traveling

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Traveling

1. Every time you leave your home, you are like a traveler who needs the Shechinah to protect them. The world is a dangerous place physically and spiritually.
2. Traveling with others eases the pain of the journey.
3. Don’t travel extra if its not necessary. The main place for a person is in the Bais Medresh and at home with their family.
4. Going to see the Tzaddik through a long journey is beneficial for the soul.
5. When visiting the graves of our Sages, try to keep your journey simple as you will gain the most concentrating on one particular Rav.
6. If you travel with a friend and do not speak over torah. It would be better that you traveled alone.
7. It is important to leave on your journey with shalom.
8. Should you be extremely worried about your journey, maybe you should put it off to another time.
9. If you see that you are forced to travel somewhere, Hashem is leading you in exile hoping you will use this time to repent.
10. It is easier to sin while always from your normal surroundings.
11. Always make sure to eat and drink well during a journey as traveling weakens the body.
12. Be extra careful with your eyes not to look at improper things while traveling. Therefore, keep yourself busy with a book or something productive.
13. You always spend more then you originally planned during a journey.
14. If your not sure if you should go somewhere or not, open up a sefer first and then you will know if its right for you to leave.
15. Going to share in a mitzvah is a good reason to travel but leaving early is usually just as important.
16. Always make arrangements and a proper schedule of your trip before you set out on any journey.
17. A person that doesn’t have to travel so much should be very thankful.
18. The amount of time you waist traveling and the recovery time of the fatigue from your trip, should make you think twice about going on long excursions without weighing the consequences.

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