May 14, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Wisdom

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Wisdom

1. A wise person lacks nothing.
2. If you have true wisdom, you realize how little you know.
3. The end of wisdom is love of Hashem.
4. Open your heart and you will gain true wisdom.
5. The wise read many books and seek more knowledge.
6. An intelligent person worked very hard for his wisdom and you should respect him for his dedication to knowledge.
7. Wisdom alone without understanding isn’t as powerful. Understanding comes from experience.
8. People that are wise in Torah beyond their years may have a very pure heart.
9. Think of YKVK with the nikud _ _ _ _ and _++_ to gain wisdom.
10. Being wise means to know how to fill your soul with new knowledge at the level it can receive at and not seek that which is beyond its capabilities.
11. If your wise, you do all actions with balance.
12. Too much worldly knowledge without the majority knowledge being of Torah, leads a person to second guess Hashem.
13. Doing things with a hurried step, walking, speaking, eating and more, cause you to loose wisdom.
14. If you have a warehouse full of wisdom and have no way to empty it to others, for what purpose does it have?
15. A wise person realizes how valuable time is.
16. Always keep some of your wisdom hidden from the world. If you give it all away, you will feel completely empty.
17. A truly wise person doesn’t see others as stupid but rather someone they can also learn something from.
18. A lazy person doesn’t care about wisdom and their inner world is one of loneliness.

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