May 13, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Modesty

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Modesty

1. When a person is modest, they have fear of Hashem.
2. If being modest is difficult for you, try to rid yourself of pride.
3. Modesty will save you from friends that anyway wouldn’t be of benefit for your soul.
4. If your modest, you will make less mistakes.
5. Don’t be afraid to dress modesty as you shouldn’t concern yourself with other peoples options if your intentions are good.
6. Be modest but don’t draw special attention to yourself thereby.
7. Don’t judge another person solely on their dress.
8. A persons modesty can save them from troubles.
9. Be modest in the way you talk to others.
10. A quiet voice is more modest and humble.
11. Talk less about yourself and listen more to others.
12. Some colors are more modest then others.
13. Don’t jump to fast to wear extremely modest clothing if your not yet ready for this step.
14. You can fool others but you can’t fool Hashem and yourself with your modesty.
15. If your inside isn’t like your outside, this can draw more evil your way then just being yourself. However, the outside is an important place to start when making positive changes that will eventually effect the inside soon after.
16. There is no real excuse to dressing immodestly. It not only effects you but compromises the thoughts of others.
17. Being on top of the latest fashions isn’t a modest way to live.
18. Try to dress and act more modestly in your home when nobody is watching you, then you can truly grow inside and out.

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