May 12, 2014

Sefer Yom Lyom, Hospitality

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Sefer Yom Lyom, Hospitality

1. A person never forgets those who are hospitable to them.
2. Having many guests leads to a prolonged life.
3. It is very good for self-growth to care for another in your home for even a simple drink of water.
4. When you have a guest, be sure to serve your best food and drinks. Hashem will give it back in other ways.
5. If Hashem sees that you care for others enough to invite them into your home when you don’t have even enough for yourself, how can He not be forced to them provide more?
6. Being hospitable can also mean sharing ones seat on the bus, your phone, pen or any item which may be of value if shared to another.
7. When you have guests, it ushers the Shechinah into your home.
8. Guests have the ability to remove sadness from your household.
9. Having guests stay too long at your home can bring confusion to members of your house. It is good to have guests but not allow them to overstay their welcome.
10. Don’t have so many guests if it will cause you shalom bayis issues.
11. It is one thing to allow someone to stay at your home, it is another to make them feel so comfortable that its like they are in their own dwelling.
12. A person who is staying at someone’s home sometimes feels shame to ask for their needs. Try to be a step ahead of them and prepare for the things they may be too embarrassed to ask.
13. If possible, try to treat your guest to the level they are usually accustomed too.
14. Don’t leave your guest alone too much as sometimes its difficult to travel and accompaniment and talking to a friend can be very comforting.
15. Many times people leave their guests sitting there alone in the middle of a shabbos meal while they attend to the children and food. It is best that at least one family member stay with the guest to engage in conversation.
16. When your guest is over, be sure to talk with them about subjects they enjoy and bring Hashem and Torah into the conversation. A person of wisdom can speak about anything and draw into the conversation words of wisdom from Hashem.
17. Having guests is a segulah for children.
18. Try not to make your guests feel like they are a burden to you.

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