August 27, 2006

Nothing in the world is free

Filed under: What can we do? — Reb Moshe @ 12:28 am

So here I am looking for a good deal on a used 10 year old car and everyone keeps repeating this line to me. “Nothing in the world is free. Don’t expect anyone to give you a deal. I kept hearing this line all last week and it got me thinking. You know I grew up as the son of a man who believed totally in the giving of the self. An Amateur Radio operator for 40 years, my father’s life was totally about doing free favors to others. My father never charged for doing a favor and whenever he could give someone a break, he would.

It just reminds me of the values I grew up with and how I miss being surrounded by them. I find myself offering money to friends for things daddy would always do for free. It seems that the value of good friendships today has deteriated. Maybe this is the true reason many of live off of prosac today and suffer from dire loneliness.

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