May 12, 2014

Sefer Yom Lyom, Truth

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Sefer Yom Lyom, Truth

1. If you have to think twice if something is truthful or not, probably it isn’t.
2. Truth is 100%, 90% truth is completely false.
3. Binding to the Tzaddik helps you to want to be truthful.
4. It is important to be truthful because it helps you acknowledge Hashem’s Oneness.
5. Most of the world is filled with falseness and people making believe they are truthful.
6. You can’t become a truthful person overnight, you have to work on it for a long period of time and build upon it.
7. If your around many truthful people, the character trait will also rub off on you and visa versa.
8. Inner truthfulness comes first before you can be truthful to others.
9. You will find many times during your life that you are left with a choice to either take money or be truthful and let it go. This could even be with a simple task like paying for the mikvah.
10. Hashem takes care of truthful people till their very last day.
11. People that are trustworthy are easily recognizable by the way they speak
12. If you are truthful, your children will also follow this path.
13. Involvement in politics confuses a person so that they can’t differentiate between truth and falseness.
14. If your involved in the mida of trustfulness, you realize that you require much less materialism.
15. Sometimes our emotions can hide the real truth.
16. If you want to know if something is true, open up a sefer and study Torah. Afterwards, meditate on the subject and you will know if its from the side of holy or unpure.
17. Ask the Tzaddik if you confused as their connection to trustfulness will guide you in only a good direction that at the very end, shall lead to success. Sometimes this can take years to manifest.
18. Having Tikkun Habris leads a person to ways of truth.

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