May 11, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Torah Study

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Torah Study

1. The greatest way to spend ones time is through Torah study. If your bored, just study Torah as it will sooth your soul far more then extracurricular activities.
2. The temptation to stop because of lives responsibilities will certainly be there, However, things have a way of working out when you study Torah.
3. When you own your sustenance through your own hands and then study Torah with the benefits, it far outweighs living off of others.
4. Always make sure to enjoy what your learning as information retained with joy stays with you longer.
5. Torah study is the best medicine for anxiety and stress.
6. If you want to study Torah, you have to not let anything get in your way.
7. The key to understanding Torah is to study it in order to give it over to others.
8. Teach yourself how to meditate on the Torah that you learn as the posik says, Meditate on the Torah day and night. Therefore, it must study also in a way to deeply meditate on it.
9. People always jump ahead of their level of Torah study. A little is good part of the time but one should mostly learn at the level they are at so they can slowly climb with a solid Torah foundation.
10. First learn all of Tanach, then Mishna, then Talmud, and only then Kabbalah. Always learn mussar or chassidus along side your regular study as it will increase your desire and devekus for Hashem.
11. It is very important to learn Ayin Yaakov because the stories of the Talmud will stay with you wherever you go.
12. Torah study without any halachic study is a very naive way to serve Hashem.
13. Try to start at the beginning and make sure to finish the Torah books that you start.
14. Learning all books of the Torah slowly doesn’t build up your Torah knowledge as well as a person who studies quicker and then has time to review a book multiple times.
15. Make sure to learn every sefer 3x in the course of a few years. When you do this, you own the book and it is as if you yourself wrote it.
16. It is important to study in a Bais Medresh but also at home. Because when you study at home, you bring sanctity to your family.
17. Connect yourself to the sage as you read over their sayings. Bind yourself to their soul root as much as you understand.
18. Torah study and prayer go hand in hand. Increase both together so that they can both work for your benefit.

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