May 11, 2014

Sefer Yom Lyom, Sages / Tzaddikim

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Sefer Yom Lyom, Sages / Tzaddikim

1. Hashem gives us Sages to help guide us through all of our troubles, yet we are afraid to approach and bother them. When Hashem said that he gave us a yetzer hara and the antidote, he meant that he gave us the Tzaddikim. So we can’t aford to be scared of them.
2. When we come to the Tzaddikim, we too are helping them with our presence and support.
3. The sages are attached to both worlds so when we visit the Tzaddik, we get a taste of the World to Come.
4. If you can’t seem to come close to the Tzaddik, become closer to his students and they will open the channels to the Sage so that you can draw closer to him.
5. Don’t underestimate the blessing of the Tzaddik and be sure to have faith in his blessing.
6. Every Jew has the spark of a Tzaddik inside him, he just has to bring it out.
7. The sage has the ability to draw down blessing to Israel, it is just very difficult to channel this blessing directly to a person as there might be many factors in his way.
8. If you can’t study Torah, support a sage who can.
9. Just being in the presence of a sage is enough, even if you haven’t the ability to talk with him.
10. If a holy Rabbi knows you won’t listen to him anyways, he might feel it is better to tell you less.
11. People often underestimate the sages that are near to them, often seeking answers elsewhere when the answers they are seeking are much closer by.
12. The followers of the sage give him energy to fix the world.
13. It is important to pray with the sage as you not only help yourself but help him open the gates of Heaven.
14. Love the sage unconditionally as many times you will be disappointed as you can’t possibly understand him from your vantage point.
15. Pray to Hashem that you meet the perfect Tzaddik that is for you.
16. People don’t often respect sages that aren’t their personal Rabbi but they too should be revered.
17. Try to find sages that aren’t so involved in political matters as their involvement might confuse you and you might miss the importance of simple Torah observance.
18. Spreading the teachings of your Rabbi draws you closer to his root and you will gain significantly from this.

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