May 7, 2014

Sefer Yom LeYom, Sleep

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Sleep

1. The more pure your soul becomes, the less sleep you need.
2. If you go to sleep with the thought process that your sleep is only to refresh you so that you can serve Hashem, your sleep becomes a mitzvah.
3. Most people sleep either too much or too little.
4. Anxiety and restfulness before sleep is a blessing, it means Hashem cares about you and wants you to retire pure after a short confession.
5. The main reason people think too much during bedtime is because their soul is trying to warn them of something.
6. Have you stolen the sleep of others? Maybe this is why you have trouble retiring.
7. Don’t worry so much about tomorrow then you lye to sleep. Have faith that Hashem who doesn’t slumber, will be working all night to fix your world.
8. Don’t eat or drink to much before sleep.
9. Learn to take deeper breaths and to breath from your diaphragm instead of chest. Practice this before sleep until your body learns to naturally relax and take in the light from Hashem at all times.
10. Technology and sleep are opposites.
11. A person who says the night time prayers has less worry in their life.
12. Always try to make peace with others before you retire and even more so with yourself.
13. Hashem gave us sleep to save us from the temptations of the night.
14. Every night, think of blessed you are and you will happily go to bed looking forward to the next day.
15. When your doing things you enjoy, you seem to need less sleep so learn to enjoy everything.
16. Clean cloths, sheets and a clean room can help you fall to sleep easier.
17. Fall to sleep on your left side as the Talmud teaches and the body warmth will encourage sleep.
18. If your soul knows that there is a cup of water to wash the hands right away when you awaken that is besides you, it will feel at ease and retire peacefully.

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