May 7, 2014

Sefer Yom Lyom, Work

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1. Hashem has rachmanus on someone who works hard and He opens the gates to prayer for him.
2. The honest man makes more in the long run then he who takes shortcuts at the expense of others
3. One should not have a large ego in their business accomplishments as without Hashem, all their deals would have instantly failed. It is only because of Hashem’s original plan that you succeeded.
4. The man who owns his own business has more to worry about then he who simply works for another.
5. Just like work must have schedule, so must ones study and prayer times.
6. Keeping oneself busy with work can save a person from sin.
7. Be thankful for the work you receive for others may not even have this.
8. Always try to be a step ahead of your boss and other employees. You will gain their trust and loyalty.
9. Do your work quickly and don’t push it off. Then you will find you have more time for the things you enjoy.
10. The torah comes easily to him who’s true desire is a Torah lifestyle and his work will always become secondary.
11. Always leave your work behind you after your finished for the day. There is no reason to mix work and family.
12. By having faith that Hashem is behind your success with clients, Hashem will bring you larger and more profitable ones.
13. Don’t give too many second chances to employees as you will probably end up disappointed again.
14. If you don’t believe in your ability to succed in business, how will you prosper?
15. Divide your investments and don’t put all your funds in one equity.
16. There is no sure thing in business. If you think its sure, you will find out the hard way that its not.
17. People will usually repeat the same financial mistakes a few times before they learn there lesson.
18. If you want to become wealthy, then connect to Hashem during your work with absolute faith and joy.

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