April 16, 2006

Your expectations of a perfect Rebbe or Rav

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What are your expectations of what is, “A perfect Rebbe or Rav?

The average Rabbi is about 40
Has about 6 Children
Generally not a wealthy man
Prays on average 2 Hours a day
Learns Torah, Average 4 Hours a day
Helps with the children, Average 1-2 hours a day
On the phone and Email listening to people’s difficulties , 1-2 Hours a day
Worries for people and Israel, 2-10 Hours a day
Sleeps an average of 5-7 Hours

Now are we too hard on him as we want him to:
1. Call us and check up on us, showing us he cares (taking all of our phone calls)
2. We want to feel like part of his family
3. If he does’t do 1 or 2, we assume he doesn’t care or isn’t the right Rabbi for us.

So is it our Yetzer Hara that is pushing us away from Tzaddikim or maybe what we found really isn’t the right Rabbi yet.

Your thoughts?

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