August 24, 2017

A Silent Cry, Part 4

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When does it stop, the confusion, the grief of the unknown. We all can pretend to have faith but is our faith real when we fear for what tomorrow will bring? Will I have a good night sleep? How will I feel? Will I be confronted with tests that take the very life out of me? Tomorrow is not really tomorrow when I am living it now in my mind. I don’t wish to repeat the same mistakes I made tomorrow but at this moment, I am still without a new plan and even if I did plan, would it come to fruition? Hashem, from where will my help come? It says that in suffering is relief. The only relief I feel is when I speak to You wholeheartedly, but I am rarely answered in ways I can perceive. So, I repeat, from where will my help come?

A Silent Cry, Part 3

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Something that is broken, can always be fixed. At least that is what they tell us. But I am not a spiritual mechanic. I don’t know how to fix this mess. Not to mention that I am out of fuel. So Hashem, will You just leave me here alone in the dark street or will You send me a mechanic?

August 23, 2017

A Silent Cry, Part 2

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I am falling and I can’t turn back. Why is life so filled with ups and downs? One minute I dancing with Hashem, another minute, I feel like I am dancing with the evil inclination. Is this life, is this what it means to breath? How do I prove that I am legit? Just when I thought I was truthful, I find more flaws. Am I an open book? Do others see what I see? So where do I go from here, is up really up or is down my new up? Every breath I breath is more confusion. Where is the Shechinah?

A silent cry, part 1

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A silent cry.. a quiet reflection of the night. Was I created to be an angel or a man of flesh and blood? Why is it that my trials seem bigger then myself? Am i so important that I need to constantly be at war?
What happened to being invisible, undetected by both man and angel? We are taught to be humble, but that same humility puts me flat into the ground. I learn the Torah to overcome all obstacles, not to increase them. I repeat, am I just a man of flesh and blood. If so, why must I surf so many turbulant waters? I am not a fish, only the tzaddikim can surf such waters. So why Hashem do you put me out at sea, alone in my sufferings?