May 8, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Yom Tov

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Yom Tov

1. The joy one observes Yom Tov with brings him fulfillment for months to come
2. We learn from our observation of Yom Tov, Emunah, faith
3. The more you prepare and are excited for Yom Tov, the more Dvekus to Hashem you will have during the holiday.
4. When Moshiach comes, every day will feel like Shabbos and Yom Tov.
5. The study of Torah on a Yom Tov is worth many days of normal study.
6. Being near family during Yom Tov, brings extra blessing to everyone’s festival.
7. Glorify your Yom Tov with extra food and the most tastist dishes. Go beyond the normal expectations and be glamorous.
8. If the children relate to Yom Tov with presents, then buy them something special.
9. Should you hold back unnecessarily in your observance and preparation for Yom Tov, so will Hashem hold back some of the light you were otherwise entitled too.
10. The glory of Hashem can be seen during Yomim Tovim
11. The wise are able to see the same holy light during Chol Hamoed as they see during Yom Tov itself.
12. Don’t get lost in traveling and road trips during Chol Hamoed, all the while loosing this precious time for a higher level of prayer and Torah study.
13. If you find yourself sad during Yom Tov, it is because you haven’t cleared all your sins and Hashem desires your repentance so He can shire more light upon you.
14. Be careful to work only if absolutely necessary during Chol Hamoed and even then, be careful to have your heart connected to the Yom Tov rather then business.
15. If you have a choice, do the preparations for Yom Tov yourself, even if it means cleaning floors and tedious chores. You will get all the time back.
16. Think only joyful and holy thoughts during Yom Tov.
17. Following Yom Tov, you might feel a strong pressure to sin and become depressed. This is because you weren’t joyful enough during the holiday.
18. If you open your home to others on Yom Tov, Hashem will open up his storehouses of blessing and holiness in return.

May 7, 2014

Sefer Yom LeYom, Sleep

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Sleep

1. The more pure your soul becomes, the less sleep you need.
2. If you go to sleep with the thought process that your sleep is only to refresh you so that you can serve Hashem, your sleep becomes a mitzvah.
3. Most people sleep either too much or too little.
4. Anxiety and restfulness before sleep is a blessing, it means Hashem cares about you and wants you to retire pure after a short confession.
5. The main reason people think too much during bedtime is because their soul is trying to warn them of something.
6. Have you stolen the sleep of others? Maybe this is why you have trouble retiring.
7. Don’t worry so much about tomorrow then you lye to sleep. Have faith that Hashem who doesn’t slumber, will be working all night to fix your world.
8. Don’t eat or drink to much before sleep.
9. Learn to take deeper breaths and to breath from your diaphragm instead of chest. Practice this before sleep until your body learns to naturally relax and take in the light from Hashem at all times.
10. Technology and sleep are opposites.
11. A person who says the night time prayers has less worry in their life.
12. Always try to make peace with others before you retire and even more so with yourself.
13. Hashem gave us sleep to save us from the temptations of the night.
14. Every night, think of blessed you are and you will happily go to bed looking forward to the next day.
15. When your doing things you enjoy, you seem to need less sleep so learn to enjoy everything.
16. Clean cloths, sheets and a clean room can help you fall to sleep easier.
17. Fall to sleep on your left side as the Talmud teaches and the body warmth will encourage sleep.
18. If your soul knows that there is a cup of water to wash the hands right away when you awaken that is besides you, it will feel at ease and retire peacefully.

Sefer Yom Lyom, Work

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1. Hashem has rachmanus on someone who works hard and He opens the gates to prayer for him.
2. The honest man makes more in the long run then he who takes shortcuts at the expense of others
3. One should not have a large ego in their business accomplishments as without Hashem, all their deals would have instantly failed. It is only because of Hashem’s original plan that you succeeded.
4. The man who owns his own business has more to worry about then he who simply works for another.
5. Just like work must have schedule, so must ones study and prayer times.
6. Keeping oneself busy with work can save a person from sin.
7. Be thankful for the work you receive for others may not even have this.
8. Always try to be a step ahead of your boss and other employees. You will gain their trust and loyalty.
9. Do your work quickly and don’t push it off. Then you will find you have more time for the things you enjoy.
10. The torah comes easily to him who’s true desire is a Torah lifestyle and his work will always become secondary.
11. Always leave your work behind you after your finished for the day. There is no reason to mix work and family.
12. By having faith that Hashem is behind your success with clients, Hashem will bring you larger and more profitable ones.
13. Don’t give too many second chances to employees as you will probably end up disappointed again.
14. If you don’t believe in your ability to succed in business, how will you prosper?
15. Divide your investments and don’t put all your funds in one equity.
16. There is no sure thing in business. If you think its sure, you will find out the hard way that its not.
17. People will usually repeat the same financial mistakes a few times before they learn there lesson.
18. If you want to become wealthy, then connect to Hashem during your work with absolute faith and joy.