June 23, 2009


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TODAY’S MIRACLE STORY: I was in Meron for Rosh Chodesh & I spoke on my CELL phone a bit. Then I couldn’t find it and I was sure it fell out of my pocket as my coat just got a small whole. I asked security if anyone found it & then called my wife to see if anyone called her having dialed the last number I called. I put money in charity in the name of rebbe meir baal Hanaiss & prayed by Rebbe Shimon’s grave. It was getting dark, I took out my flashlight which I just happened to put back in my car today. I began retracing my steps and I couldn’t find it. Another person joined me in the search by flashlight. There was a lot of ground to cover as I also went to Hillel haTzaddik grave & had myself a cold drink at the free kitchen & then went and got some ice cream at the vendor down the street. After 1 hour of searching, I looked over at my new friend and thanked him very much for his time and effort, realizing that we had done all we could. I looked over to him thereafter and then to Heaven and with an honest troubled heart said loudly, “Gam Zu LeTova” (EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IS FOR THE BEST), in 20 seconds & approximately 10 steps I spotted my phone on the steps to the side where I had for but a minute. Untouched it was lit up with message, missed 56 calls as my wife was home calling and calling it for me for the entire hour hoping I would hear it as I retraced my steps.
This was clearly a lesson in the importance of accepting everything that happens in a good way and as soon as we do with a pure heart, the test is over and Hashem lets in all the light. The number 56 is gematria Bilvavecha, in your heart. Once in your heart you accept that all is from Hashem, you find all that you need.

June 15, 2009

Prayers at Amukah

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It is the Memorial of Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel on Wednesday night. Amukah Trips
I will be making a special trip on his yahrzeit, to be included in the prayers there, please donate at the page.

New Video: Goodbye Queen Shabbos

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Check out the new video at www.torahvideo.com Goodbye Queen Shabbos

June 14, 2009

ilovetorah donations

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I wish I knew how to raise money for ilovetorah jewish outreach. Donations are few and far between. We are not even close to even the cost of just the server this month!
ilovetorah donations

Simply Tzfat Band

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If anyone would like to book the Jewish Tzfat band, “Simply Tzfat”, for their synagogue, wedding or jewish event… Let me know, they will travel anywhere in the world. They have some openings beginning of July. Telling stories, playing the fiddle, guitar & chassidic songs. Really something special to bring to your community.

June 12, 2009

New Video:3 Things & the power of a nigun

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Check out the new video at www.torahvideo.com

3 Things & the power of a nigun

June 9, 2009

New Video: Holy Places

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See our new video on torahvideo.com
Video was taken at the idra. If anyone is able to donate it would be a big help to continue the videos again.
thank you all for coming!

Nigunim is 3steps of closeness

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To some a nigun is just a nigun. Something to enjoy because of its interesting rhythm and sound. They cannot fathom that a nigun could be much more. Inside a nigun is the 3 main aspects we must strive to keep. Torah, prayer and Kindness to others. A wise person understands this and this is why he sings. It isn’t because he wants to pass time or entertain himself. Rather, he is completing himself, the Upper Worlds and those around him.

June 8, 2009

What I am learning now

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I thought it would be nice to share with you what I am learning currently.

New Sefarim
Gemarah Kidushin, Pesachim
Chovos Halevavos
Rashis Chachmah
Mishna Brurah
Ohr Hachaim
Lev Eliyahu finishing

Reviewing a second time
Zohar 2/3 way
Ayin Yaakov 1/2way
On shabbos I dazel in some other books.
I put to the side now Noam Elimelech which i was half way, mishnious reviewing.

What are you learning now?

June 7, 2009

Facebook Deleted me

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Facebook deleted my account, “reb moshe ilovetorah”, i had over 1000 people and i was helping many of them and then my account diapeared and said i vilated terms. I only added about 12 people a day. We are asking people to write in and complain.

June 4, 2009

New Video: Higher Torah

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Please visit
for our newest video called, “Higher Torah”

June 3, 2009

Writing an Article

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To all of Reb Moshe’s friends: I’m writing an article about Reb Moshe for a website about Safed (Tzfat). Please write to me and tell me how Reb Moshe has made a difference in your life. I will be running the article by Reb Moshe for his approval and I will be happy to tell your stories anonymously, should this be your preference.
Varda Epstein