April 28, 2009

Prayers at Holy Sites

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Just returned from Tiberias at Night. It is like a different city in the dark and quiet. This week I traveled to the Graves of Devorah, Yael, Chabakuk, Naftali, Asher(sons of jacob), Rambam, Yochonan Ben Zakai, Rav Ami, Rav Asi, Shela HaKodesh, Yosi ben Yorkanas, For Prayers at graves for you Prayers at Holy Sites

April 23, 2009

Where to take I love Toyra!

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My Jewish Kiruv Idea: What do you think… As you all know I have been doing jewish outreach for years and specialize in my video trips around israel telling stories &teaching at holy places. Now can you imagine if I had every day at 5pm LIVE feed from israel with my trips? It is very easy to do. Anyways, the idea is there now, i need prayers for the money to do it and time.

Myspace to Facebook

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I have 13,000 facebook friends who I have been working with for many years now but myspace has slowly lost its excitement for people. So I recently made a facebook account. I have to admit, it has been fun to be on facebook as “reb moshe ilovetorah” and finally to see some of the people i have been reaching out to for years. It is a lonely job doing kiruv online and not one that you feel the reward from often. I’m using this opportunity to kind of lay back, be myself and do my outreach. Something I actually prefer and that a blog environment and website doesn’t give me the ability to do so easily. As stated other times, I don’t encourage anyone who doesn’t already use facebook to go there but if you already do, you can add me.

April 22, 2009

Where should a Major Shila be asked? Israel or Usa?

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Orah had this question on their site and it got me thinking about it as well. What is your opinion? I believe that most psaks, shilos should be asked in the usa by usa rabanim. Even I often call the usa even though I am in Israel because i know the Rav will understand the shila better but it should only go to the greatest of rabbanim there. Something which will effect Jews everywhere, should be asked in israel.

April 17, 2009

Good Shabbos After Pesach

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HEY EVERYONE, I MISSED YOU ALL OVER YOM TOV. I took a walk after the Seder & thought of us all going out of Egypt together. Now let us go together to welcome the Holy Shabbos Queen that brings tranquility, blessing into our lives. Even the mere lighting of 2 candles brings the next world into our otherwise empty feeling life of this world. Let us be blessed this week to feel its light and comfort outside of Egypt!


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New Friends, don’t be shy, JUST say Hi, I don’t bite! If you say Hi to me, then I can remember to bless you and if I say Hi back, then you can remember to bless me. Then we can all be blessed! If you don’t say anything, we will just forget each other and how can we forget each other already when we just got to know each other? Okay, I will start, HI! HI! HI!

April 14, 2009

3 day Yom Tov

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Here in Israel we celebrate one day of yom tov. I don’t know how you guys to it, 3 day yom tov’s. Just move to Israel, its easier! Have a great, relaxing Yom Tov my friends!

Torah Videos fixed

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Took a few weeks but we have finally fixed the conversion problem and we have added the new videos to torahvideo.com

April 8, 2009

Birchas Hachama

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It was a very moving ceremony here in Tzfat this morning. You could feel the realness of this occasion of the sun. We all blessed Hashem and praised him, recited the blessing and then danced. 28 years ago, I vaguely remember doing the same from the back of our home with my father.

Don’t Leave me in Mitzrayim, Egypt

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I just left a message for a holy Tzaddik, don’t leave me in Mitzrayim. I am planning to go out with you. My friends, I will be thinking of you during the seder and if you think of me, then we will make sure not to forget one another in Egypt.

Gan Eden into Pesach Food!

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I am taking a bit of Gan Eden & putting it into the Pesach food tonight. Making chicken soup, chicken & fish now. The magic ingredient is Gan-Eden. The secret is to simply believe with perfect faith that you are taking from the holy garden lekovod Pesach! Happy Pesach & happy preparing!

April 7, 2009

Search for Chometz of Passover Pesach

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April 4, 2009

NEW VIDEO: Livng with the Economic Problems of the world

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April 3, 2009

Live Israeli Mosquitoes, Limited Offer!

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Limited time offer, anyone who donates to ilovetorah jewish outreach, (www.ilovetorah.com/donations) will receive a jar of live Mosquitoes from Israel. Don’t miss out on this JEWISH experience! They have just hatched for the summer!

April 2, 2009

My Fathers Memorial

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Tonight is my fathers Memorial, Please put out a prayer for him. Shlomo Zavel Ben Yaakov. All my strength I owe to his influence & guidance. He taught me to love all people and do kindness. May his soul have an Aliyah, be elevated. AMEN!