February 26, 2009

Children need Faith

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I really believe that the most important thing to teach young children is pray and faith. They need to know that Hashem is there and that He not only desires their every prayer but He listens. I am constantly asking my kids to pray for various things that they want or that the family needs (of course we don’t share with them things that are above them). Sometimes I ask them to pray that I am able to fix something even though I know that it is easy to fix and will take me just 2minutes. Just so that they can see success in their prayers. I don’t know, maybe that is a bit dishonest but really though, it is true. As Rebbe Nachman taught, you should even pray for new shoes when yours get worn out.

Meron or Tzfat

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I am only a few feet from where the Ari taught Torah, my wife constantly reminds me. “So why do you have to travel to Meron(where Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai is buried) so much”, she asks? “Isn’t it you who always gives the speech that the grass isn’t greener on the other side.” My response, “But it is Meron, Meron! Tzfat is Tzfat but Meron is Meron!” I can’t really put Meron into words. Meron just does something to a person. It isn’t something he can put into words. At least I can’t.

February 25, 2009

Should I or Shouldn’t I

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I am so busy work web design work and family matters but it has been a few weeks and it is rosh chodesh, maybe it is time for a torah video. Now very few people wrote back about the last couple of videos so quite honestly, that was really hard on me but I know it is just because nobody thinks to write. So for me to make a video right now, means quite frankly that the lowest person on earth is trying to fly on a spaceship to the moon. Being that nobody wrote, I take it personal that I didn’t let go enough last time, so this Torah video has too be deeper, more spiritual, something that would be more inspirational then all of them put together. Now there is only one place I can go for such a thing and there is only one topic that is deeper then the deep. That can take you and I to the place of all holiness. But I shouldn’t… Or should I…
From the depths I call out to You Hashem. From here I seek You. Now I am heading to my car but who knows… I haven’t even the power to walk to it but I haven’t the strength not too. Do they even want a Torah video anymore? Do I even want to make one? How do I have time or computer resources to make one? How do I not? I’m off…

Real Simcha & Adar Joy

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This month of Adar is considered the joyus month for Jews. We have the holiday of purim and we all just try lift ourselves from despair. Rebbe Nachman says that real joy is knowing our Kedusha having been given the Torah. This is a joy that cannot be touched. But we see from this holiday of purim that being joyus alone is meaningless unless there are others to share it with. I mean, who wants to celebrate purim alone? Therefore, if we want to have a truly joyus holiday and a truly meaningful life, we must give joy to others. A real person simply cannot have joy alone. He understands that there is no such thing! Life has no meaning when you cannot give happiness to others. So when the Torah tells us to increase our joy this month, it means that we should increase our giving to others.

Ohr HaChaim

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Tonight I went to the bookstore and purchased a set of Ohr HaChaim. This holy Rabbi was someone whom even the Baal Shem Compared to the Keter, which is alluded to by the sun. The Baal Shem Tov was therefore considered like the Malchut, moon.
I visited the holy grave with the Biala Rebbe once and on the way out I mentioned to the Rebbe that there was a great light shining around the kever. He smiled at me and said, “A very big light”.

February 24, 2009

Little Help Needed

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I could use someone to go over the entire sites and videos and make sure everything is working. For me to do that from here would take 500x longer

February 17, 2009

New Video Posted: Segulos, Charms & Faith

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Segulos, Charms & Faith was filmed at the grave of the Arizal, Master of KabbalahTorah Video.com
Please login & comment/rate all the Videos you watch.

Two New Videos Later

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Two videos taken last night and edited. They will be up in another 8 hours or so. It is taking a long time to upload. Upload started about 10 hours ago and has another 8 hours. Guest the videos and win, lol.

New Mrs. Ilove Torah Posts

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There are some new postings on www.ilovetorah.com/mrs.ilovetorah blog.

February 16, 2009

Dunk me in the Ari Mikvah!

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Everyone in Tzfat knows that the holy Gabi’s of the Ari Mikvah are special people. In the winter time, we all lessen our visits to the Ari Mikvah since even though the water is warmer in the winter, it is blistering cold when you walk outside. PLEASE FIND ME A BATTERY POWERED HAIR DRYER. (no joke, I would go more) Anyways, the mikvah attendant was disapointed in me that he hadn’t seen me as much lately. I explained to him that I have a nice mikvah 20 feet from my house and my yetzer hara pushes me to go there instead daily. It took me over a year before I purchased a mikvah monthly pass because I didn’t want to forget the Ari Mikvah which is only about 120 deep steps down from my home. But i have caved in, I have sunk and fallen into the warm waters and showers of a new hundred thousand dollar mikvah. Save me! Dunk me in the Ari!

Hidden Books

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There are many hidden books in Kabbalah that are purposely keep more secretive. For instance, the Kabbalah book teaching the art of Kamaya has a warning in the front of it. “Dear bookstores, please only sell this book to few people and do not publicize it.” I would venture to say that 99.9% of people learning Kabbalah do not know of these books and it would be extremely difficult for them to not only search them down but to even find someone who knows about them to ask. In one such sefer that I own, it teaches the secrets of Kefitzas Haderech, making the road you travel on shorter in distance. It teaches exactly the methods to the last ingredient how to make supernatural events transpire like the splitting of a lake. It teaches secrets of life and the exact methods Elisha the Prophet used to make a child breath again who had just died. There are hidden names that Moshe carried on him, Aharon and even Avraham Avienu. My favorite is that which was carried by Rabbi Akiva when he gave up his life when the Romans wanted him to convert. The generation is not ready for such books to be found by the multitudes. Hey, I can’t even find Aryeh Kaplan audio tapes and I have been searching them down for 10 years! There is enough in even one Aryeh Kaplan book to last most Kabbalistic enthusiasts a lifetime and even this one should debate internally for months before learning.
With this post, I just wanted to milk your curiosity and allow you to wonder how great is the mystical aspects of the Torah that who can comprehend them! Also to share with you that there is much more known to the holy select few Tzaddikim that you can even imagine. Everything is know in each generation by someone. This is the greatness of Oral Torah!

Bucky Beshov on the Treadmill

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(This is part of my meditation in the gym. It will be difficult to explain but here goes) In Jewish Meditation, there is an idea of Bucky Beshov, running and returning. The idea of being able to climb up spiritually and the idea of being able to return. Those that master this concept, are able to travel the spiritual realms with great success. They are also able to live a balanced lifestyle. While on a treadmill, you first start out going slowly and steadily increase your pace. The idea of aerobic exercise is to keep a consistent heart rate over a long period of time. This can be done by changing your pace or allowing the machine to be raised or lower to increase or decrease the effort. This idea of walking and climbing is similar to the thought process of elevating ones soul spiritually. You can increase pace in order to find yourself in a zone of new physical accomplishments and likewise, spiritually. Once in this zone, you reach a new level of bittle, nothingness that you didn’t have a few moments ago or during the more taxing previous workout. Continuing in this zone, you continue to climb and grow. Then you slowly lower the pace so that you don’t overdue and then once again return to it. After the workout, it isn’t healthy to just stop the machine, you have gradually return to the regular heart rate you are accustom too.

The WeightLifting Reb

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I have been going to the gym for weightlifting and aerobic exercise for over a year now. At first I did this as a test to see if it would interfere in my religious progress to take exercise to a bit more of an extreme. To the contrary though, I have found it to be not only uplifting but very fulfilling spiritually. My greatest thoughts have actually come to me while running on the treadmill. While bench pressing, I have found myself comparing the heavy load to pushing away the klipah and negativeness in my mind.

My Lifting Chavrusa and I have watched as most religious Jews at first attended the gym with great enthusiasm and slowly drifted away to an unhealthy lifestyle. Looking back, I think I contribute our dedication to the fact that my Lifting partner was formally my learning partner in Torah. It was also the extreme goals of becoming stronger and stronger which I always questioned if this was from the side of impurities but instead, I also contribute our continued healthier lifestyle to this. Weightlifting helped me to get rid of many aspects of Tivas Achilah, the cravings of unhealthy foods and this winter I did not suffer from my previous leg pains in colder weather. It has also helped me to continue to grow in good work ethics, socialization, and have a way to blow off some steam.

I shared with a friend that I am bench pressing 220 pounds and he has requested that I do a Tefillin Video and flex my biceps during it. I’m going to spare you the grief, but I would like to encourage others to join in physical activities and workouts. While you don’t have to lift weights, it does help in keeping the workouts entertaining. It is clear to me that avodas Hashem can benefit from good healthy exercise.

What is my mother tougue?

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Americans living in Israel slowly find themselves after many years forgetting basic english words. Tonight my wife wanted to pay for something but she couldn’t remember how to say it so she was forced to tell another American in Hebrew. This happens to me all the time as well. The problem is, we don’t speak perfect hebrew yet either. I am starting to become scared to post on this blog since I can barely type a proper sentence anymore. Sounds like I need to start reading more english and Hebrew!

New Computer come find me!

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Someone in the heavens is a brand new computer for ilovetorah. I have been praying for it to drop from the Shamayaim to Tzfat. I’ve put off many videos because of this, waiting for salvation!