September 5, 2008

Sefer Yom LYom, Fear of Hashem, Part 1

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Fear of Hashem

1. It is known to glance at the sky to increase your fear of Hashem but you can also look at all of nature. The trees, plants, mountains, rivers… As all of nature knows and fears its Creator.
2. Though it may be more productive, a hurried step can sometimes make someone forget Hashem.
3. Being around those who do not recognize Hashem regularly, can lead a person to forget Him. This would include, watching broadcasts, frivolous music lyrics and other such media.
4. When you pray any passage that speaks about fear, concentrate more devoutly. Lear to feel what you say in your heart and bones, causing them to tremble from time to time.
5. A person must learn fear of Hashem, think about it and make it apart of themselves.
6. With fear of Hashem comes attachment to the Shechinah
7. Clothing that covers oneself modestly instill fear of Hashem. That is especially so when worn for the sake of Heaven.
8. When you fear Hashem, those around you are also affected positively. You also are drawing them close to Hashem even if they are very far. Don’t underestimate this. Even standing in the street with true fear Hashem can change the thoughts of those around you.
9. Look into the eyes of someone attached to Hashem and you will join them.
10. Your head should be slightly down and your eyes occasionally glancing upwards.
11. The graves of Tzaddikim are radiating with fear of Hashem. This is a good place to learn this.
12. Walking in Israel increasing fear of Hashem.

Camcorder update

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I regret to inform ilovetorah followers that the camcorder is no longer covered under warranty by Panasonic. It will have to laid to rest. I’m considering burring it by one of the holy Tzaddikim. It has served Klal Yisrael well. I’m sure someone one day will come along & donate us a new one. It was a semi-pro camera so it really did an excellent job on color rendition. Low light was always a struggle though. Maybe someone can ask B & H if they would donate a used pro camera, one in exchange for some advertising. Anyone connected?

September 4, 2008

Endless Love

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You know, maybe someone can stop loving you but you never stop loving those you care about. The love between Hashem and you can never be separated. Nobody can come between this love. It is too holy and special.

September 3, 2008

A Secret of Kabbalah

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I am without a proper video camera & I am burning to teach Torah so here is a special treat. If you take any hebrew word that is 4 letters, taking the nekudos of it and picturing it in YKVK then the desired affect of that name will have influence. That is all I will say if you understand. From Sefer Lekutim. Okay, I better go before I get in trouble! Reveal secrets to 1 in 1,000…. as it says in the zohar

Latest Music Video, Traveling Israel & the Sages

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The latest music video was done for the purpose of helping people attach themselves to Tzaddikim, our holy Sages. Rebbe Nachman taught that by saying the names of Tzaddikim or thinking about them, one connects to their holiness. Rabbi Karduner sang this song beautiful and I have gathered videos from dozens of my travels as background. I hope you all enjoy. It is something I expect will be viewed often when one wants to elevate themselves through the thoughts of Tzaddikim. For those that want to view it or download it in full, go to
For those lazy, go to the ilovetorah homepage to view it in flash stream. I could put it here but I want you to work a little, lol.

September 2, 2008

Aba I saw a …

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Just a few minutes ago there was a bang on my door from my mother that the kids claim they saw a scorpion in the house. So as a responsible (American) father, I put on my crock slippers with wholes and grabbed a bottle of ant repellent. A few seconds later they saw it and pointed at the scorpion like insect to me. It was non other then a silver fish.

Now I was thinking, who really is the crazy one here. The kids or me?

September 1, 2008

My Rosh Chodesh Dream

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My Dream

It wasn’t the first time I was trying to escape from jail yet each time I was caught in the fields. This time, we were adamant on escaping. That is myself and my chavrusa.

As we ran through the forest, we could already hear them approaching so we moved even faster. We went into a small building trying to find a place to hide but there was none. The footsteps starting going over top of us so we bared the door with our hands, hoping that nobody would open it. We knew eventually our luck would run out so somehow we had to take our chances. Peaking out we quickly came outside and hid around the side of the building. There my chavrua stood up next to me and somehow they didn’t recognize him. All the while he was blocking my body so they wouldn’t recognize me. I was easily noticeable as I had forgotten to bring a different shirt then the one provided by the prison. When it was clear, we made another move into the old wharehouse accross us. It was there that we were spotted by ten men, thinking quickly, we grabbed their gun and they called out for help but somehow nobody heard them. We could still hear all the footsteps outside making way. Quickly, we pushed them into another entrance way. Inside was a Synagogue. As soon as they entered, they were happy to see it and we closed the door behind them. By then, I had acquired another shirt that was less conspicuous.

In order to make the search more productive. The soldiers had asked the residents to walk out of their homes to the center of town so they could search. There were plenty of people outside, many checking heads but we decided to trust in Hashem. As what else were we going to do, just wait there and be caught. Already we knew we would be caught the way things were transpiring.

As we left the old warehouse, we started walking just like the others, quickly and happily. The fresh air of freedom around us helps us to be relaxed & smile even though we were running for our life. Somehow I reached down and my hand met my son Gedalya who walked with us as well. Where he came from, I don’t know.

Next to us was a young man who started looking at us strangely, wondering who we were so we just walked a bit quicker to be out of his direct eye. We walked with and behind others in a natural way. Nobody suspected a thing but what were we to do when we got to the city? Surely they would recognize us and we still had to making it out. I had thought the only way we go this far was because we looked happy and went with everyone else. Nobody would suspect such utter stupidity.
That was it though, we had to somehow hide and not go much further or it would be too late. But where, all the hillsides were filled with people heading to the city.

Suddenly I noticed a man from the crowd walking into his backyard where he was building a succah. I pointed to my chavruah how inconspicuous this placed looked and its many bushes to hide in. By then my little son Gedalya left us and were he went I don’t know. It was nice that he came as it made us look more inconspicuous. I mean, what fresh prisoners would have a child with them?
Taking a change and trusting in Hashem, we went into the succah to greed the man, Shalom alechem we called out and complimented his early building of his succah before the holiday. I mentioned that maybe he was the first one to put up a succah and he gloomed in excitement at his adherence to the mitzvah. As we were talking to him we mentioned how nice his yard was and started looking around it. Just like most homeowners, he was happy that we appreciated his property and its beauty. His wife and children also came out the greet us. Apparently, they didn’t get so many guests. The back of the yard was completely hidden from the outside. I subjected to my chavrusa that we lay low for a week until they stop searching for us and assume we were long gone. Certainly, at some point they would search the yard but we would find a good spot to hide when they did so. I offered the landlord some money if he let us stay in this yard and his succah, explaining to him that we needed to rest our minds from the troubles of our family life and all the noise. He agreed happily and his wife got us pillows and blankets. Without a question, we looked at each other and knew that we were free. In a few days, they would stop their search on the main roads and we would change our appearance slightly to not be caught.

Thinking back, I wondered why nobody noticed us and turned us in. Each person was preoccupied with their own life so they didn’t really notice us. Also, the key to our escape was finding the Synagogue. As soon as we put them inside, we could bar the door on those that found us. What was more stranger about it, as soon as they were inside, they could care less about us. changing myself, that is my shirt to be like the other Jews also helped. Our other key event was being so happy and relaxed, walking the same path as others took. All this we did in order to escape from prison. What especially holds true is that I didn’t try to escape alone even though I could. Rather, I went together with another person who was also trapped so we could encourage one another.

All this shows the way a person must escape the hands of the Satan, yeter hara in their life. Everything that transpired is the advice of the sages in the Talmud who teach us how to silence the satan. It is all brought down by the Chassidic Rabbis as the path one must take in order to bar themselves out from jail and the hold of the Satan. I have chosen to leave it for you in riddles and those wise will understand from this story, why they must follow these well known paths in order to save themselves when they are trapped with no despair. It is in the month of Elul that we must finally push ourselves to make one last successful escape so we can start the new year in freedom.