April 8, 2008

Purim Coming?

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I don’t know why but the Army must think purim is coming again soon as they just knocked on our door to check if we had gas masks. Hmm, wasn’t purim last month? The kids asked me, why is he here. I explained, he wants to give us new purim masks! FREE too!

How to do Kiruv, Mamish!

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There was once a very troubled boy who had no desire for a Jewish education. His parents and friends pushed him to meet with the Rosh HaYeshiva of a well known Yeshiva in Israel. The boy finally consented. Before meeting the boy, the Rabbi inquired as to what types of hobbies and activities the boy enjoyed. Hearing that he enjoyed birds, the Rabbi went to the public library and took home all the bird books he could find. When he met the boy, he slowly transitioned the conversation into the boys favorite hobby, bird watching. The boy was so excited to talk about birds that they spoke together a long time about them. Amazed was he at the Rabbis knowledge in this subject, he began to consider the Yeshiva.
Later that evening, the boy returned to speak with the Rosh HaYeshiva but did not find him in his office. He decided to wait a while. As time went by, he began looking at all the different items in the room. He even walked behind the Rabbis desk. As he turned around, he noticed piles of books under the desk. He was shocked when he noticed they were all books about rare birds!
The boy thought to himself, anyone who cares enough about my life to go to this much trouble, they are the right people to help me. He joined the Yeshiva & began to change himself.

I benefited greatly when I heard this story many years back. It changed the way I do kiruv. You know my friends, was the Rabbi really reading about birds or did this action open up doors in Heaven showing him the winged angels?

April 7, 2008

Jewish Psychologists & Life Coaching

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A New Website Part of ilovetorah and an extention of askreb.com

Jewish Psychologists & Life Coaching

Nisan is Exodus

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At this very moment, in the month of Nisan, we are inside a painting of Hashem. This painting is a recollection of the Exodus from Egypt. We are so filled with the confusions of life, we don’t even realize that we have just time traveled as a hologram into the Exile from Egypt. Every finger we move, even be it a hairsbreadth, is a movement within the painting of going out of Egypt. You want to know the truth about this holy month? It is scary. We are not really here in 2008 because we are in Egypt. In the spiritual realms, there is no time or space. Everything right now is the Exile of the Jewish people. The Syians closing in near the border, they are the Egyptians. All these lengthy preparations for the Passover holiday, they are all part of the strokes of the painter wanting to draw in the viewer into his train of thought. In this case, it is Hashem taking us back, making us realize that truly we are in Exile the same as we were in Egypt. Instead of heavy forced labor, we have the disguise of our computer screens, televisions and fancy possessions. These items are like the Egyptians striking us and forcing us into confusions. Our redemption is this coming Passover but in order to be redeemed, we must realize we are in Exile. We must see our sins and what is confusing us and realize that we are in golus. Only if we are in golus can we go out from exile to salvation. So truly, this month is scary because its entire purpose is for us to realize who we really are and that the only thing that matters is true redemption, to be close to Hashem and our families.

Reb Moshe Name

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Last year I had thought to do away with the Reb title but I have gotten used to it slowly. I am even considering changing my legal name to Reb with the last name Moshe. I’m going to have to run this by my wife tomorrow. Her new name would be Rochel Moshe. Not sure if she will go for it. Any ideas?

Deep thoughts for the New Month of Nisan

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None Yet:)

Blog Blog Blog

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Blogging for the sake of blogging, isn’t really blogging at all.

April 3, 2008


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With the help of Hashem, this took 6months to complete and perfect. Here it is finally!

For now on, Please post all Questions to me there instead of email. There is also a private option.

ilovetorah Poster Download

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Please print and hang up in your local Jewish Community

Finish your Pesach cleaning

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The last few years, the wife and I have made it our task to finish Pesach cleaning early. Already more then half our home is finished. It really makes the transition into Peseach more easier on the entire family. You know you have to get it down so just drop everything and finish so you can go into YomTov with peace of mind. Men, I want all your computer and studies finished today and tomorrow, ok?

April 2, 2008

I bless you all with Chocolate Soy milk

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Tonight, as Gedalya does often, he work up asking for a new bottle. I was taken back at first when he requested chocolate soy milk. Over here in Israel, if you want chocolate soy milk, you have to take a scoop of chocolate and mix it yourself into a glass of soy milk. It doesn’t already come prepared. So, I thought to myself, why not make him happy and at 6am, little Gedalya got his wish. I prepared his special drink of choice.

When I returned to his room, I noticed that his eyes were already closed. I shook his bottle hard in order to mix up the chocolate and awaken him. Then I put the bottle in his arms and saw a glimpse of a tinny sleepy smile. I thought to myself, everyone deserves chocolate soy milk in the middle of the night. If a simple man of flesh and blood can rejoice at such a simple action of love to his children, how much more so would Hashem enjoy giving his children sweetness. Therefore, I bless you all with chocolate soy milk in the middle of the night from your Father in Heaven whom makes the most delicious drinks and who has all the ingredients at His disposal.