November 9, 2007

2 Videos at Amukah today

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One shall be ready before shabbos and is worth seeing just because of the sunset. The other was in honor of the six million. Maybe next week. Still have another video from earlier in the week to edit as well. Whenever Rosh Chodesh is around the corner, Meron and Tzfat are packed with people. I kinda want to hide till they are gone!

November 8, 2007

The Parnasa Debate

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We ask here below, “What will become of me if I have no money. How will I be able to continue serving Hashem properly.”
In Shamayim, they ask the opposite, “What will be if you had money, would you you still serve Hashem?”

Hashem wants to draw us close to Him and we, His children, want to be draw near Him as well. The problem is, He knows that if we are totally satisfied, we might forget about Him. So, Hashem sustains us in the best way for our current level so that we should continue to grow, pray and draw close to Him. Our suffering is not His desire. So how do we overcome our financial stresses? Faith.

We have to know that salvation is soon. Understanding that our prayers and self-sacrifice are karbonos, sacrifices in order to know Him and grow close. Once close, Hashem’s hand will open with salvation. May it be soon for Klal Yisrael!

November 7, 2007

Music & Angels

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Rabbi Tzvi Aryeh Rosenfeld taught that it is very important for a person to learn to read music but even better to be able to play. He said, once a person leaves this world for the eternal one, they will hear the songs of the angels and many holy things which require understanding of music. Rebbe Nachman taught, through the musicians intentions while playing a song, they can separate good from bad from themselves and those listening. Lyrics and sounds which are played by those who are Yiras Shamayim, fear Hashem, will bring the listeners to simcha while lyrics which have bad intentions or even by just the musician while he is playing thinking sinful thoughts, this can impact the listener.

Health & Torah

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There is a certain level of Torah study which protects the body from physical illness and weakness but this is a very hard level to attain and to keep. If a person is not at this state, they must pay attention to the needs of the body.

It is the Torah way not only take care of the soul but also the body. In fact, anything physical that we have been given has to be taken care of and not neglected. Too many religious people are unhealthy and we have to take aside a bit of time each week to exercise. If the body is weak, it also weakens the soul. Therefore, there should be a proper balance of sport & physical activity.

November 6, 2007

Olmert: We Come to Annapolis with Joy and Hope

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(On behalf of every Jew in Israel and the world)
Olmert… I impeach you, I impeach you, I impeach you!


Donate to Tzfat Poor, New Site Design

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November 5, 2007

Why do I?

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I am on such a low madrega, why do I attempt to teach Torah again?

November 4, 2007

If I ever made a Friday Tish

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First course,
1. Kiddush but everyone gets a little (only wine)
2. Apitiser, watermellon, catalop & morrocan carrot salad
3. Fish, VERY VERY SMOKED salmon
4. Corn Beef or Brisket (you can have too)
5. Swiss chocolate bars, chocolate mousse, Apples, blueberries and donuts!

1. Never burn chassidims hands with too hot food.
2. Nobody touches your food except you, gabi or me.
3. Start really late at night, 3am so everyone can sleep first.
4. No nigunim with words except rare occations.
5. Very very dim blue lights
6. Bathroom breaks
7. Easy access to exits!
8. No cheap drinks! Coke, Sprte, 7up
9. No bleachers, there isnt much to see!
10. Esras nashim for women, they receive everything including the fish
11. Spratic divrey torah, mostly stories instead of all at once
12. Getting people more involved especially bochorim.
13. Cots for people to rest on
14. Famous Guest Singers
15. More Dancing
16. A lot of Wiskey for me!

Someone must have prayed

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Someone must have prayed cause I found a few minutes to produce two new Torah Videos. One on the Covenant and the other a continuation of the Kabbalah lessons. Both were done at the idra using for the first time, the wireless mic for better sound. Well, now i need time to edit them. I am off to Banjo’s house for a guitar lesson, Bye

November 1, 2007

Peki’in Riots by Druze

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Most of you are reading the israeli news about the riots that took place in Peki’in. Peki’in is the town in which Rebbe Shimon and his son lived in the cave for more then a dozen years. It was there they learned Torah and became like angels. This is a town that many Jews visit due to its Synagogue which is from the time of the Bais Hamikdosh and this holy cave where you see the overhanging carob tree that Rebbe Shimon sustained himself with.

Today, there are a few Jews there and even a Jewish youth hostile but very few. When I visited Peki’in to do my video there at the cave, I felt very uncomfortable. Druze teens and citizens kept telling us wrong directions on purpose and were laughing at us. This was dozens of people and we didn’t feel so welcome. It is my understanding that not daily but weekly a few Jews from the north go to the cave to pray.

Free Videos by Reb Moshe,

I do not personally do not feel comfortable walking around the druze communities unless I have too. I think it is underestimated the dislike they have for many Jews. Not all of them for as we know, many are ranked high in the israel army but in many ways, many of us israeli’s trust the muslim arabs more cause at least we know how they truly feel.

B’nei Noach

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G-d gave Noah and all his descendants (B’nei Noach or “children of Noah”) seven commandments to follow.

Prohibition of idolatry

Prohibition of blasphemy

Prohibition of murder

Prohibition of theft

Prohibition of illicit relations

Prohibition of eating live meat

Prohibition of failing to establish courts of justice

Teaching the world and being a leader to the B’nei Noach’s is an untouched and important area for us to address. I am considering taking a little of this upon myself but not without more thought. If you are B’nei Noach and visiting the site, please give me your imput on how I can better assist the community.

I do believe it is important to focus on Jews as priority but a little bit of energy should go out to the world in declaring Hashem’s ONEness.