May 3, 2007

Today in Tzfat

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06-11-05_0115.jpgTourists are beginning to flood the streets of Tzfat and surrounding areas. For us Tzfat folks, we would prefer a more quiet few days as buses and tourists literally take over our city. Normally, someone like myself visits Meron a few times a week but not this week. Between traffic and police closures, I will see Meron less then I regularly do.

I am looking for someone who knows about Hard drive recovery. It appears that the only way to save many videos & data will be to send one of my hard drives out to a special lab. I believe this costs about $400 or otherwise the data is destroyed.

It has been almost 2 weeks and I still have some form of the flu. I was so tired today that I layed down in the truck of someones mini-van.

May 2, 2007

The Daily News

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Today I went to Haifa to get a new alternator for the auto. I am trying to organize videos on my hard drive and book files so I can be on top of things. There is no money for a backup drive which means that…

Meanwhile, I am still day trading part-time for personal income and that takes up most of my afternoons and evenings. I am still sick and I think the kids just caught it.

I have daily a programmer working on the websites to give us more features and clean things up. Tonight the server is being upgraded another time since we ran out of space again from all the videos.

The Biala Rebbe is coming to Tzfat for Shabbos and Lag B’Omer so we plan to spend much time together. Banjo Billy, who stared in many videos,  is getting married on Sunday night.

Dreams of the week:

1. To have time to write Soferous again

2. New hard dive and recordable mp3 player for new audios

3. Money to advertise the new secret site I am working on for you.

4. To pay the kids school

5. Be well enough to enjoy this weekends events

6. To start calling ilovetorah fans on the phone to connect better with all of them.

7. For old buddy Jim to say hello

8. For Olmert to resign & for some miracle candidate that won’t kill us all to come forward.

May 1, 2007

Not a good layout for the blog

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I changed the layout of the blog the other day because I saw a thumbnail picture of it which didn’t reveal that it was not modest. My appologizes for anyone who saw it. I didn’t view the layout but rushed to change too it.