February 7, 2007


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I have this weird feeling that this meeting and civil war between the arabs in Israel will backfire against us. May Hashem protect us and grant us peace. Amen

February 5, 2007

Those who post and those who don’t

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I find it interesting that there are two groups of people.

1. Those who like to post on message boards, forums and blogs

2. Those who just like to watch wants going on and read.

Which category do you fall into and why? Remember, no registration required to post here.


February 1, 2007

The story of the Maggid

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What do u think of the story of the Maggid told on the new torahvideo release? The teaching of Humility truly is the basis for Chassidic thought.

Advertising on ilovetorah

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We now have a banner system setup for ilovetorah. If anyone would like to run our advertising, let me know. I thank all the people that donated lately and who wrote kind words, thanks!