August 2, 2006

Wends. Bombs flying & fast day

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10:00 many bombs flying in my area and landing. May Hashem help and protect. I counted about 6 that hit Tzfat city.
6pm. Bombs were flying in all afternoon

We are all eating and getting ready for the fast day, tish a Bav tonight. I believe that after this day the prayers of our people will be answered and much more success will the IDF have. This war started during the 3 weeks which is tradition to be a troubled time for the Jewish people. There is much judgement in the heavens due to it but after this day, the prayers of the Rabbi’s and our people will go up in mercy.

Many that visit my websites are Jewish people who are hours for a synagoge. I am asking everyone to light a nair tamid, oil and wick for tonight and tomarrow to burn for mercy and rememberance of the Jewish people. (anyone know of a blog program that has spell check. This one doesn’t have)

7:30pm Today I had a visitor who is a holy Tzaddik come to my house. I have known him for 12 years and every tishbav for 20 years he has been at the Kotel, Western Wall but this year he has come up just to be in the holy city which is attacked by bombs. What chizuk my holy friends! So the attmosphere of the coming day is one of total quiet. Even the bombs are afraid to fall in a place of total peace and blis of broken hearts, so temporarily, they have stopped falling this evening.

“Tear your hearts, not your clothing” (Psalms) You know what is so great about a broken heart. A broken heart means that I don’t matter. Only my friends well being matters and the glory of Hashem. All this time we have been thinking, what happens to me if terror comes to the place that I am living, now this day we think about the Jewish people as a whole, ourselves simply included in the larger picture Hashem has painted.

August 1, 2006

Quite before the Storm

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It has been quiet here for 2 days but people haven’t been fooled by it. They know more rockets are coming and they still remain indoors or out of the city. Tonight, everyone seems to be expecting the worst chas v shalom, Hashem forbid. Even though their is a temp. stop in bombings, stores remain closed and people remain sadened. It is ashame though as this is simply a test in our simcha, level of happiness in life.

Today I went to the park with my family. Policeman were giving us looks like we were crazy to be out here with our children. I think we were more worried for them slipping or falling in the playground. I’ll tell you folks, if in your life you are surrounded by troubles, if somehow you can simply get up and dance or do something happy… ah the tikkunim, rectification you bring to the world.