August 11, 2006

Current Events, Liquid Bombs

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Just when we thought we heard it all. Little rockets could be launched and the best radar and air servanlance in the world wouldn’t stop the people from firing them. Now we hear anyone could bring liquid explosives sucessfully on a plane? Knowone is safe anymore?

My friends, King Solomon says, “There is nothing new under the sun” (Proverbs). Things are not more or less safe then they were 100 years ago. You are not safer in an airplane or in the USA then I am here in Tzfat. My friends, this time these guys were caught but if we don’t start placing our trust in Hashem and fear only in Him, they won’t caught in the future. Hashem first gives easy warning signs for people to repent and when we do not adhear to them, He sends just a little stronger one. As it says in Tomer Devorah, “Hashem is great in patience”.

Stolen ring?

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My wife and I are trying to figure out what to do since it appears that one of our shabbos guests might have stolen her ring. We think we might know who the person is but to accuse someone unjustly is a crime, even in ones own mind. Therefore, I publicly ask here on the forum that if you might have taken it, we will not be upset with you if you confess and simply return it. The ring has a very personal story to it and it is never to late to do teshuva for this grave error.

August 10, 2006

Spam on the blog

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In order to avoid spam on the blog, at times I will close down comments from those not registered (you can signup for a username free) and then re-open this when spammers quit. A note to spammers, all your messages will be deleted within 1 hour so you are waisting your valuable time.

August 9, 2006

I saw Lebanan Today!

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Tzfat is only 10miles from Lebanan. Today I had to go to Carmiel which has also been attacked by rockets. While there I had some business dealings with a few arabs, they too were taking cover during the sirons and they too are stressed from the war. Some of the homes in the arab villages accross from the Jewish Carmiel city are hit all the time accedently. From Carmiel I then went to Naharia. First stop of course, the beach. Not too worry, there was absolutely nobody there! I saw in the ocean materials which were either from pieces of rockets which fell in the water and went to the shore or actual material from the navy boat that got hit. I saw a lot of black burnt up metel. From there we decided to take the shorter road back to Tzfat which goes as close as 1 mile from the border. While on this road we heard bombs landing on Israeli soil in a distance. On the way we saw Israeli army trucks taking 100 small bombs. Most of the drivers on the road were army personel in uniform driving private cars heading too and from the border. We were tempted to go see the border already being so close but were satisfied to just see Lebanon in the distance. I saw a bit of smoke vapor from the fighting or maybe I imagined this, I am not unsure. It felt a bit like being in a video war game. Wow, I have just been in 3 of the cities hurt by the katusha rockets. Maybe tomarrow I should check out Kiryat Shemona? NOT! You feel the war more in these places as there are many more army trucks around and you can hear more explosions. I told my friend, it is good we came here, now we won’t complain when going back to Tzfat. Naharia is hit about 1/3 more often then Tzfat and with bombs, that makes a bit of a difference.

p.s. This is some great countryside up here, especially nearer to the border!

I am Happy!

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I wrote that I was depressed from the bombings in my previous post. I was trying to help people feel what life is like here living with bombs. A new day started, I am happy now, very happy. I’m already planning a day trip next week with the kids in order to take them to the Jerushalayim zoo. I have 3 boys kina hara.

Nobody volenteered after my previous post about needed help take the site to the next level (see there). Now this makes me sadder then the bombs. I have a singles site with thousands on it yet only one person in the last year has come forward to offer any help with it. It is tub b av, anyone want a segulah to get married? (i don’t get it, sorry, this singles site is for you after-all, sigh)

War ending today?

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Lots of Tzaddikim are saying that the war is ending today, tuv b av. During tuv b av, many people getting married and find their destined marriage partners. Hatzlacha to all of you and maybe they are correct, the war will end. Right now though, after all the bombs that hit building 9 and 12 in Meor Chaim, its hard to imagine! Folks, I have a new video from the bombings with smoke but I don’t want to air it since I see that I am getting many hits from Lebanon now to the site.

Keep the love coming my friends, I can’t get enough of it, you know!

August 8, 2006

Thank you for your Donations

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I would like to thank all those who have donated from their hard earned money to the help the poor of Tzfat fund. You guys are great!

Donate here

Hate to admit it

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I hate to admit it but I am kinda depressed. I mean sirons are going on here the same times each day, you hear the missles hit and explode. You can’t exactly walk around haphazardly outside and there is nothing really open. You kinda just sit at home eating chocolate too sooth the pain while wondering when you will get your life back. When you ponder the events around you, you got to think, not for a very long time, unfortunately. Anyways, this is why some of our brethern go away for a least a few days here and there. As far as the Jewish nation, I think they just don’t get it, that 1million of their brothers and sisters live in bomb shelters. Have old friends called to see if I were still alive and kicking, no. Do I expect anyone too, no.

The reality is that I simply sit here alone with Hashem, too worn out to think properly about anything. I don’t really know how to server Him now as there is not much written about how to serve Hashem in these unusual times.

I know that my greatest friends are those around the world whom I may never meet and really get to know. They are probably the sweetest and best people in the world. Maybe I should do a tour just to meet you all?

August 7, 2006

The soul of Tzfat Calls out in Pain

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“I sat out on my balcony this evening, and tears moistened my cheeks; I weep for the holy city of Tzfat!” Reb Moshe of Tzfat.

I was once a holy city that thrived with life and the voice of Torah. This was during the time of the holy Arizal and Rabbi Yosef Karo. However, after they passed away, I became alone and destitute. Every one hundred years or so, people somehow think of me again and seek to rebuild this place in its original splendor. History proves an earthquake or hostile takeover will normally take place. My people abandon me, only to rebuild later. Now I sit here, alone once again, with few comforting me.

I understand why everyone left. Life simply became too abnormal; with large metal objects exploding all around me. What hurts most is that people were really starting to care about me again. Torah study could be heard everywhere. Oh, those joyous sounds were intoxicating. How much joy I began to feel! Builders were building, children were playing, and the tourists came to visit once again. When it was Bein Hazmanim (summer and winter vacation), the streets were full of souls admiring my forgotten beauty and holiness. I almost felt as if the holy Ari and his students were back again, pearls of wisdom dropping from their lips. Oh, but having come so far; I am now like a widow without her children.

My dearest children from all over the world: Those of you that live here, or who have visited me, understand my pain. You know the pain of my children who have been forced to leave my protection. Do not abandon them, or me, in our time of need. My greatest fear is that many will not return. Those who once lived here may abandon me because they are just so afraid. If only you knew of all that I, this most holy and sacred place, have to give to you. All you need do is walk along my streets and place your faith in the notion that Hashem will protect us. The air in this place, if only we were pure enough of heart to breathe it in with true fear of Hashem, would prevent anyone from fleeing. If every step were truly dangerous, if every move one of destruction, all would still remain. Their attention would be completely focused on the spirituality that can only be found in these mountains.

Sweet children of the world, if you want a city which will care about you and hold you close, counting your every move, I will be that city for you. In your hour of need, in your sadness, I will hold you close. I will comfort you in my air of tranquility. To those who dream of being here in my presence, basking in my kedusha, I want you to know that I think of you as well. When you think of me, you are here too. To you, I am your precious city. To me, you are my life.

The City of Kabbalah,
The root of the Wind and Air,
The holy city of Tzfat, Eretz Yisrael
Reb Moshe of Tzfat,

Feel free to pass this along or post it

Sefardim vs Litvish/Chassidim

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Sefardim vs Litvish/Chassidim

It appears that many sefardim are still not accepted as being as high standard in the religious circles. Maybe this is something we should address here on ilovetorah.

Anyone who has learned any Kabbalah knows the importance of respecting Sefardim. Afterall, they wrote most of it!

Id like to say that on ilovetorah, Sefardim are looked at as being equal and a little bit higher then askenaz. I say this as an askenaz Chassid.

I always felt my Sefardic friends were degraded and not treated correctly and I never understood why.

August 6, 2006

Sunday Bombings & Monday

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My friends, they usually pound us with a lot of katushas at once lately in the afternoon. There was a wedding tonight in Tzfat and all the people left from the shul joined in on it. The attmophere was nice but people seemed very tired and worn out. Not really knowing how long this will continue to last and how the kids and wives are tiring. We also wonder how long after it stops will it take the community to get back on its regular schedual. Nobody things that the rockets will ever stop completely and all fear that its so easy to fire one that Tzfat might always have an occational bomb here or there. Well, only Hashem knows.

I Love Torah Website Staff Needed

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Due to the extended growth of I Love Torah, I need a staff of the following:

Someone in charge of:
2. Advertising
3. Fundraising
4. Editing & Writing
5. Organizor
6. Graphic Arts
7. Promotion
8. Gabi Like person to make sure I am able to properly help all who need it

We are going to need some devoted individuals who are very serious about helping and are truly skilled in the above.

Shabbos bombings

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Well I went out in the afternoon to the ari mikvah and sure enough when i was outside the sirons went off, i paused and decided to continue. Was a big test to be outside at the mikvah when they started to bomb a lot. So I went back in again in order to pray for the people of Tzfat and it was a strang feeling to hear them landing outside and see nothing and be in a small hut. So, I couldn’t help myself, i just started dancing in the mikvah and singing. Quite an unusual reaction don’t you think? Well I told a dear friend before shabbos who was stuggling that they need to just dance when they feel in trouble. So, guess what, it worked!

August 3, 2006

Thusday Bombs/ friday update

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4pm – 5:30pm We are under major attack this afternoon, many bombs are landing. Sirons are on!
8:00pm quiet evening so far

Friday, a few bombs not as much as most days.

Good Shabbos all and please send some gelt for the poor in honor of Shabbos. Special thank you to ___. for donating almost 10,000 toys and arts and crafts to CHESED L’SHLOMO (our charity fund) for the kids of Tzfat. It will be arriving any day.

You too can make a difference!

Donate Here

Our Differences become few

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Before the war, many were divided, Zionist and ant Zionist, orthodox and Reform but today during tish a bav we all stand before Hashem united. Normally it takes us three weeks to arrive at such a point but for the Jewish people, we arrived here when the war began, at the start of the 3 weeks of mourning for the Jewish people.

At this time, it doesn’t really matter where you were holding prior in your thoughts about the Israeli government and the state of Israel. Quite frankly, the Jewish nation was under attack and all Rabbi’s would agree that this means we must defend ourselves and protect innocent lives. It isn’t about the secular state anymore or how long your payis (side locks) are, it is about unity and caring for our fellow people.

My dearest friends, what is this test that we are all undergoing all about? Why did Hashem create terror throughout the world in this day and age? Let us evaluate the reaction a normal person makes after feeling fear and fright. They immediately break whatever ego they already have and pray to Hashem for help and they seek out assistance from their fellow. That is even someone they normally would never speak to our have dealings with. So here we have a half of million people from Northern Israel saying to their fellow Jews, help me in this difficult time.

When someone sees another in a state of fright, they went to reach out, hold them and comfort them. That is, even if they too normally do not act in such a way, especially with this type of person.

The point in the enemy in creating terror is in order to create an atmosphere of confusion and fear. To take a person out of their normalcy and disrupt their life. In this particular case, the enemy has been successful but not in the first case.

Fear comes from a lack of daat, understanding. For that matter, all sins stem from fallen fears, Rebbe Nachman teaches us this concept. Now love is one of the most powerful forces in the world. When a person feels loved, their daats returns.

The first reaction of the Jewish people was a lack of daats and confusion. This was immediately rectified when the Jewish people began to show their love for one another, reaching out to every Jew, no matter what. A half a million people fled the North region for safer grounds but every one of them had multiple places to go. The warmth of hachnasas orchim shown for the Jewish people. Then those who remained in their homes also found warmth from neighbors and friends from the south willing to assist them. Now granted, it took awhile for the people of the world to really see that we were suffering up here in the North but now that the final day of Tish a Bav has arrived, the warmth and love has come full force. Now my dear friends, is it not clear the purpose of this war and its timing?

Those whom lost their life in this battle, passed away in true honor as a Jew. They passed on bringing unity between the Holy One and the Shechinah, between Jew and Jew. It is the dream of every Rabbi to make this elevation in the world. They are true heroes.

Hashem had the Prime Minister of Israel slip out that he sees this war as a sign that more Jewish villages should be given over to the other side. The immediate response from all has been quite the opposite. We realize that giving away our land which is forbidden in the Torah has destructive consequences.

Now what will be of the Jewish people after this war? Will we keep the spiritual unity we have gained? Well I don’t think this is up too Iran, Syria, Hisbalah or Hamas. It is simply up to us as a Jewish nation, individuals all with Jewish neshamos, souls. We are the ones whom will decide our future as a nation and the immanent arrival of Moshiach will be left in our hands. Another thing we have learnt is that while we may have thought our differences were many, it turns out, we are all the same and our differences are few.