August 6, 2006

Shabbos bombings

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Well I went out in the afternoon to the ari mikvah and sure enough when i was outside the sirons went off, i paused and decided to continue. Was a big test to be outside at the mikvah when they started to bomb a lot. So I went back in again in order to pray for the people of Tzfat and it was a strang feeling to hear them landing outside and see nothing and be in a small hut. So, I couldn’t help myself, i just started dancing in the mikvah and singing. Quite an unusual reaction don’t you think? Well I told a dear friend before shabbos who was stuggling that they need to just dance when they feel in trouble. So, guess what, it worked!

August 3, 2006

Thusday Bombs/ friday update

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4pm – 5:30pm We are under major attack this afternoon, many bombs are landing. Sirons are on!
8:00pm quiet evening so far

Friday, a few bombs not as much as most days.

Good Shabbos all and please send some gelt for the poor in honor of Shabbos. Special thank you to ___. for donating almost 10,000 toys and arts and crafts to CHESED L’SHLOMO (our charity fund) for the kids of Tzfat. It will be arriving any day.

You too can make a difference!

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Our Differences become few

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Before the war, many were divided, Zionist and ant Zionist, orthodox and Reform but today during tish a bav we all stand before Hashem united. Normally it takes us three weeks to arrive at such a point but for the Jewish people, we arrived here when the war began, at the start of the 3 weeks of mourning for the Jewish people.

At this time, it doesn’t really matter where you were holding prior in your thoughts about the Israeli government and the state of Israel. Quite frankly, the Jewish nation was under attack and all Rabbi’s would agree that this means we must defend ourselves and protect innocent lives. It isn’t about the secular state anymore or how long your payis (side locks) are, it is about unity and caring for our fellow people.

My dearest friends, what is this test that we are all undergoing all about? Why did Hashem create terror throughout the world in this day and age? Let us evaluate the reaction a normal person makes after feeling fear and fright. They immediately break whatever ego they already have and pray to Hashem for help and they seek out assistance from their fellow. That is even someone they normally would never speak to our have dealings with. So here we have a half of million people from Northern Israel saying to their fellow Jews, help me in this difficult time.

When someone sees another in a state of fright, they went to reach out, hold them and comfort them. That is, even if they too normally do not act in such a way, especially with this type of person.

The point in the enemy in creating terror is in order to create an atmosphere of confusion and fear. To take a person out of their normalcy and disrupt their life. In this particular case, the enemy has been successful but not in the first case.

Fear comes from a lack of daat, understanding. For that matter, all sins stem from fallen fears, Rebbe Nachman teaches us this concept. Now love is one of the most powerful forces in the world. When a person feels loved, their daats returns.

The first reaction of the Jewish people was a lack of daats and confusion. This was immediately rectified when the Jewish people began to show their love for one another, reaching out to every Jew, no matter what. A half a million people fled the North region for safer grounds but every one of them had multiple places to go. The warmth of hachnasas orchim shown for the Jewish people. Then those who remained in their homes also found warmth from neighbors and friends from the south willing to assist them. Now granted, it took awhile for the people of the world to really see that we were suffering up here in the North but now that the final day of Tish a Bav has arrived, the warmth and love has come full force. Now my dear friends, is it not clear the purpose of this war and its timing?

Those whom lost their life in this battle, passed away in true honor as a Jew. They passed on bringing unity between the Holy One and the Shechinah, between Jew and Jew. It is the dream of every Rabbi to make this elevation in the world. They are true heroes.

Hashem had the Prime Minister of Israel slip out that he sees this war as a sign that more Jewish villages should be given over to the other side. The immediate response from all has been quite the opposite. We realize that giving away our land which is forbidden in the Torah has destructive consequences.

Now what will be of the Jewish people after this war? Will we keep the spiritual unity we have gained? Well I don’t think this is up too Iran, Syria, Hisbalah or Hamas. It is simply up to us as a Jewish nation, individuals all with Jewish neshamos, souls. We are the ones whom will decide our future as a nation and the immanent arrival of Moshiach will be left in our hands. Another thing we have learnt is that while we may have thought our differences were many, it turns out, we are all the same and our differences are few.

August 2, 2006

Wends. Bombs flying & fast day

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10:00 many bombs flying in my area and landing. May Hashem help and protect. I counted about 6 that hit Tzfat city.
6pm. Bombs were flying in all afternoon

We are all eating and getting ready for the fast day, tish a Bav tonight. I believe that after this day the prayers of our people will be answered and much more success will the IDF have. This war started during the 3 weeks which is tradition to be a troubled time for the Jewish people. There is much judgement in the heavens due to it but after this day, the prayers of the Rabbi’s and our people will go up in mercy.

Many that visit my websites are Jewish people who are hours for a synagoge. I am asking everyone to light a nair tamid, oil and wick for tonight and tomarrow to burn for mercy and rememberance of the Jewish people. (anyone know of a blog program that has spell check. This one doesn’t have)

7:30pm Today I had a visitor who is a holy Tzaddik come to my house. I have known him for 12 years and every tishbav for 20 years he has been at the Kotel, Western Wall but this year he has come up just to be in the holy city which is attacked by bombs. What chizuk my holy friends! So the attmosphere of the coming day is one of total quiet. Even the bombs are afraid to fall in a place of total peace and blis of broken hearts, so temporarily, they have stopped falling this evening.

“Tear your hearts, not your clothing” (Psalms) You know what is so great about a broken heart. A broken heart means that I don’t matter. Only my friends well being matters and the glory of Hashem. All this time we have been thinking, what happens to me if terror comes to the place that I am living, now this day we think about the Jewish people as a whole, ourselves simply included in the larger picture Hashem has painted.

August 1, 2006

Quite before the Storm

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It has been quiet here for 2 days but people haven’t been fooled by it. They know more rockets are coming and they still remain indoors or out of the city. Tonight, everyone seems to be expecting the worst chas v shalom, Hashem forbid. Even though their is a temp. stop in bombings, stores remain closed and people remain sadened. It is ashame though as this is simply a test in our simcha, level of happiness in life.

Today I went to the park with my family. Policeman were giving us looks like we were crazy to be out here with our children. I think we were more worried for them slipping or falling in the playground. I’ll tell you folks, if in your life you are surrounded by troubles, if somehow you can simply get up and dance or do something happy… ah the tikkunim, rectification you bring to the world.

July 30, 2006

Bombing Weekend- Arizal Yirtzite

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Today is the Ari’s Yirtzite (Memorial) (The greatest Rabbi to live in Tzfat, Israel). In the morning people were davening by the Tzaddik and scared when bombs started flying in the area. This afternoon hundreds returned to go to the mikvah and Ari’s grave. A Sefardic Rabbi came and began staying the psalms and all answered in unison. The davening was beautiful.I just returned from there feeling very content.

So as far as living in a war and bombings. Well I guess a person can get used to anything. Bombs are simply a part of our life now and we are not suprised when someone is hurt by them or places damaged. So while the rest of the world forgets about the poor and helpless Jews of Tzfat, we, the people of Tzfat continue to adapt to the new way of life. Living not in fear but simply with the unexpected. Not knowing if we will be next on the list of destruction or simply to continue living in our denial of what is falling around us. So my friends, why do I write this moving paragraph? Simply so you will pray for the Jews of the North like you have never prayed before, feeling totally selfless and caring only for a good life of contemptment for another.

With Shalom, Peace.
Reb Moshe of Tzfat

July 27, 2006

Thursday in Tzfat

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25 bombs hit Tzfat in the morning, one hit in the afternoon.

A nice fellow contacted me about sending arts and crafts to the children of Tzfat who are stuck inside. I told him that I would add money collected from the Tzfat fund to also bring toys. Does anyone want to collect 500 toys?

8PM Called rush Limb. show and the call taker didn’t like the angle I wanted to take to go on the air. Sounds like they are very careful to talk about issues in a very specific way. Anyone recommend any shows outside of abc radio? I am willing to talk to the media about our holy city and the affects of war but they have to want to talk the Israel side!

Anyways, my fellow Jews, true suffering isn’t the war that goes around outside your house but that within all of us. The war of the good inclinatoin vs the evil inclination. This brings the most pain, the most fear and the most confusion. I have answered many of these issues in my sefer Kavanos Halev which is online in complete for on the main page.

9:00 I just got back from the synagoge and I overheard someone who had their house damaged by a bomb complain to the Rabbi about how much it costs to replace all his windows. Can we help? I haven’t collected enough to help him.

July 26, 2006

Wendsday morning on Glenn Beck Show

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If you heard me on the jGlenn Beck show, #3 talk show in
America leave your comments and please donate to the poor and children of Tzfat

Mp3, Listen Now

6:30 I hear many helicopters overhead and I think they are flying wounded solders to the hospital here. I went down to the holy grave of the Rabbi Luria, the Arizal and I couldn’t stop crying for all the Jews that have been hurt. I worry now and I don’t know how to wipe my tears. Then I saw a funeral going on in the lower part of the cemetery. It isn’t a mystery to me how someone might have been killed recently.

I think I have learned to tune out most of the bombs that fall so if I fail to repeat the news on them, maybe it is because of the denials of war. My friends, are we all really praying hard enough like we know we are capable off?

My heart is broken my friends. I await Hashem’s answer in the hopes he mends it. I can’t take the pain of the innocent families and children.

2am. The pangs of war and silence crush my spirit. Maybe I have seen to much, maybe too little or maybe its just too hard to all understand this night. Aniety, when will life get back to normal again. Another Jew was just killed. Was he just 17?

I find just a bit of comfort when I reach into my bag of swish chocolate. Was this brought into this world only for the moments when a person just didn’t have what it took to carry on? What is the spiritual essense of chocoate that it should have such power? :):(

Interview on Mark Levin ABC Radio Today (Top 5 Talk shows in America & Tuvia Singer Show (largest Jewish Talk Show)

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Today I called into the Mark Levin show on ABC radio. I think its one of the top 5 Radio shows in America. Please leave your comments if you heard the show. Also, if you think I should continue this angle in spreading Torah and Judaism. Another few minutes got cut off as I forgot there was a delay and ended the recording

Listen Now

I was on the Tuvia Singer Show this morning for about 15minutes. Was a very long interview and we both got along great on the air. Tuvia’s father learned in the yeshiva of the great Rabbi Aharon Kotler.

Mp3 Listen Now

1:30pm I woke up this morning to bombs landing and sirons. Lots of stuff flying in and we lost power for a few hours. I still have no gass in the house for 2 weeks. I am getting dozen’s of emails and I love to hear from you all. Don’t forget to donate even a few dollars.

July 25, 2006

Tuesday in Tzfat

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10:30 3 bombs hit tzfat. Very load, maybe they are putting more explosives it them now.

Breslov dropped off warm food for lunch and dinner for families. Would be nice if there was daily. People are just really tired.

Nobody has worked in weeks and the people that left which is 80% are going crazy not knowing what to do with themselves living with other families.

Most stores are closed and the few that are open, its only till 12am.
1 person from the Kehilah got house hit though not hurt
yesterday 2 families got their windows blown out from pressure of it hitting on the next street.

July 24, 2006


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Holding strong here. While my friend was praying near the arizal, three bombs hit near the Beir Mayim Chaim’s grave but didn’t hit any graves from what i hear and just started a small fire. He came back totally relaxed. This was a boy that stayed at my house the first nights of the bombings scared and now he has learned true yiras Hashem!

I was just on the Sean Hannity radio show. I am trying to make a kiddish Hashem as much as I can. Did anyone hear me live wabc77? This is a big talk show host! 1 million people heard me speak about the miricles that have happened here in tzfat and Hashem’s hand and our faith here.

I just did 14 min. interview with Sara Kehaulani Goo from the Washington post, it will be in the paper tomarrow in her column on regular people who have been doing videos and writing about the war.

July 23, 2006

Sunday Report

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Today in the afternoon I was with the gabi of the Alshich shul (I have a video on this shul), when he got a call that a bomb hit the house between the Abuhav and Alshich Shul. The windows of the Alshich were blown out but both shuls were otherwise B’H untouched.

At the same time 2 bombs hit near where I live in the Kirya. One outside my friends house which is being build and the other near Tzfat Chese right on the steet. Today at mincha we prayed with a lot of kavanah and after the marriv service we did the traditional dance at breslov. Everyone is happy and thanking Hashem for the miricles in Tzfat today

I saw a couple of new people returned. Both of the “Simply Tzfat” band families I saw and others as well. The city is still empty but its heart is growing.

July 21, 2006

Please donate to Tzfat poor

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Please donate to the poor of Tzfat who have no money as most businesses & schools are closed.

Chesed Shlomo B’Tzfat

donate now please

Reb Moshe on CNN & other Live Audio

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I also got an email that someone saw my video of the fires from the bombing on CNN. You could also see my homepage on the video so if this is true, then millions might have seen it.
I was on arutzsheva radio and n.y. George webber show
Now Reb Moshe’s Interview on Radio Talk Show

Listen Now (mp3)

Help me spread the light my friends!

July 19, 2006

Wendsday bombing in Tzfat

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B’H it has been quiet today so far, the alarm went off twice but nothing hit I believe. The Yirtzite of Rav Gedalya Kenig certainly is protecting the people of Tzfat today, he was the Rabbi who rebuilt Tzfat as you see it today!

I read on the news that someone was hurt from a bomb that fell here. I didn’t hear this one fall. Refua Shelema

To get life back to normal, there was a morning and afternoon class with the cheder. So after 25 years, I was back in cheder again sitting with my kids! It felt great to say tehillim as one of the little boys with pureness.
A few bombs in late afternoon and now at 9pm. I have the masgan on, tired of listening to them so I am going to as they say, chill for a bit!

This afternoon I was on the Live Arutzsheva Radio station with Yishai Fleisher & Alex Traiman, if you heard me on there, give me a shout! They play it over and over all day if you want to check it out.

Thursday: same old story already. Well at the Israeli army pace, they will simply run out of rockets on their own.