August 12, 2008

Sefer Yom Lyom Daily Practices #2

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1. It is good to learn or pray standing from time to time to increase Devekus

2. Open your eyes in the mikvah to purify them from seeing that which is unholy

3. Think about the 4 compartments in the Tefillin & how they compare to the 4 letter name

4. Confess your sins regularly at the grave of a Tzaddik

5. Always keep the body clean & without oder

6. Look at the blue sky & think about Fear of Hashem

7. Cast a good eye on others, especially strangers & change their merit from bad to good

8. Drinking liquids arouses a person t pray & sing

9. Look at children & draw from the holiness in their face

10. Train yourself to see nature & relate it to Torah passages

11. Memorize many psalms by heart to later recall on the road in your travels

12. Overdress for most occasions in order to give extra respect to Hashem

13. Think of yourself as holy & eventually it will rub off on you

14. There is only one thing you should fake and that is to always appear happy to others. Eventually, it might become a reality & at least you will make others smile in the meanwhile.

15. Don’t be afraid to buy necessities you need when you are lacking them. Hashem will refill your pockets.

16. Picture yourself alone in the desert & call out to Hashem in simplicity & humility

17. Stop yourself from doing anything in the extreme in order to teach yourself balance

18. If you are worrying, you are not living

May 8, 2008

Daily practices 1, Should it be the topic of my next sefer?

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1. It is good for everyone to take upon themselves to study a book on Emunah, faith each day.
2. Also, a person should say daily, Shivisi Hashem Lenegdi Samid. I have placed Hashem before me.
3. It is also good to close ones eyes once in a while and to think of fear of Hashem. Our eyes cause our brain to compute a lot of information, if we close them, we are able to connect to spirituality easier.
4. When conversing with others, we can also think about Hashem. If we hear mundane matters, we should think how they are really connected to Hashem and Torah. This was the ways of Tzaddikim, the holy Sages.
5. It is good to leave small coins next to the charity box so you can put them in constantly and think about Hashem.
6. Kissing the mezuzah is often overlooked as is walking backwards out from the Synagogue. Some people even walk up to the bimah to kiss the Ahron before leaving. Even if we don’t feel anything from this, we are training ourselves in fear & love of Hashem.
7. It is good to wear our Tzizzis out so that we are reminded, even subcounciously about the mitzvos.
8. One should glance at the sky every so often as is known but also they should take it its beauty. The glancing at the sky is to bring us fear of Hashem while contemplating its beauty can also give us love of Hashem.
9. You cannot compare the holiness one keeps upon themselves by washing their hands outside the bathroom verses within. In Israel, all sinks are purposely made outside the bathroom.
10. As much as we should be bittle & think of ourselves as nothing, being totally humble. We must never forget and loose site of our holiness. Every Jewish soul is constantly connected to a stream of holiness.
11. Kashurut, eating kosher food enables ones soul to shine & not be blocked by confusions. The level of eating kosher food should always be improved upon & not static. There are very few people who really keep all the laws perfectly. A wise person is very careful when eating out. It really isn’t okay to simply trust anyone in kashrut. You would be surprised at the many mistakes being made by people who in other mitzvos are very careful. Know the heksharim of the places you go too, even if it is a neighbor who knows more then you in Torah.
12. Smiling is one of the biggest forms of Ahavas Yisrael.
13. Positive energy is contagious, if you have be blessed with this aspect, you must share it. Even if you are not a positive person, with practice, you can be. A positive person can change his mazel for good.