May 8, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Yom Tov

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Yom Tov

1. The joy one observes Yom Tov with brings him fulfillment for months to come
2. We learn from our observation of Yom Tov, Emunah, faith
3. The more you prepare and are excited for Yom Tov, the more Dvekus to Hashem you will have during the holiday.
4. When Moshiach comes, every day will feel like Shabbos and Yom Tov.
5. The study of Torah on a Yom Tov is worth many days of normal study.
6. Being near family during Yom Tov, brings extra blessing to everyone’s festival.
7. Glorify your Yom Tov with extra food and the most tastist dishes. Go beyond the normal expectations and be glamorous.
8. If the children relate to Yom Tov with presents, then buy them something special.
9. Should you hold back unnecessarily in your observance and preparation for Yom Tov, so will Hashem hold back some of the light you were otherwise entitled too.
10. The glory of Hashem can be seen during Yomim Tovim
11. The wise are able to see the same holy light during Chol Hamoed as they see during Yom Tov itself.
12. Don’t get lost in traveling and road trips during Chol Hamoed, all the while loosing this precious time for a higher level of prayer and Torah study.
13. If you find yourself sad during Yom Tov, it is because you haven’t cleared all your sins and Hashem desires your repentance so He can shire more light upon you.
14. Be careful to work only if absolutely necessary during Chol Hamoed and even then, be careful to have your heart connected to the Yom Tov rather then business.
15. If you have a choice, do the preparations for Yom Tov yourself, even if it means cleaning floors and tedious chores. You will get all the time back.
16. Think only joyful and holy thoughts during Yom Tov.
17. Following Yom Tov, you might feel a strong pressure to sin and become depressed. This is because you weren’t joyful enough during the holiday.
18. If you open your home to others on Yom Tov, Hashem will open up his storehouses of blessing and holiness in return.

May 7, 2014

Sefer Yom LeYom, Sleep

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Sleep

1. The more pure your soul becomes, the less sleep you need.
2. If you go to sleep with the thought process that your sleep is only to refresh you so that you can serve Hashem, your sleep becomes a mitzvah.
3. Most people sleep either too much or too little.
4. Anxiety and restfulness before sleep is a blessing, it means Hashem cares about you and wants you to retire pure after a short confession.
5. The main reason people think too much during bedtime is because their soul is trying to warn them of something.
6. Have you stolen the sleep of others? Maybe this is why you have trouble retiring.
7. Don’t worry so much about tomorrow then you lye to sleep. Have faith that Hashem who doesn’t slumber, will be working all night to fix your world.
8. Don’t eat or drink to much before sleep.
9. Learn to take deeper breaths and to breath from your diaphragm instead of chest. Practice this before sleep until your body learns to naturally relax and take in the light from Hashem at all times.
10. Technology and sleep are opposites.
11. A person who says the night time prayers has less worry in their life.
12. Always try to make peace with others before you retire and even more so with yourself.
13. Hashem gave us sleep to save us from the temptations of the night.
14. Every night, think of blessed you are and you will happily go to bed looking forward to the next day.
15. When your doing things you enjoy, you seem to need less sleep so learn to enjoy everything.
16. Clean cloths, sheets and a clean room can help you fall to sleep easier.
17. Fall to sleep on your left side as the Talmud teaches and the body warmth will encourage sleep.
18. If your soul knows that there is a cup of water to wash the hands right away when you awaken that is besides you, it will feel at ease and retire peacefully.

Sefer Yom Lyom, Work

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1. Hashem has rachmanus on someone who works hard and He opens the gates to prayer for him.
2. The honest man makes more in the long run then he who takes shortcuts at the expense of others
3. One should not have a large ego in their business accomplishments as without Hashem, all their deals would have instantly failed. It is only because of Hashem’s original plan that you succeeded.
4. The man who owns his own business has more to worry about then he who simply works for another.
5. Just like work must have schedule, so must ones study and prayer times.
6. Keeping oneself busy with work can save a person from sin.
7. Be thankful for the work you receive for others may not even have this.
8. Always try to be a step ahead of your boss and other employees. You will gain their trust and loyalty.
9. Do your work quickly and don’t push it off. Then you will find you have more time for the things you enjoy.
10. The torah comes easily to him who’s true desire is a Torah lifestyle and his work will always become secondary.
11. Always leave your work behind you after your finished for the day. There is no reason to mix work and family.
12. By having faith that Hashem is behind your success with clients, Hashem will bring you larger and more profitable ones.
13. Don’t give too many second chances to employees as you will probably end up disappointed again.
14. If you don’t believe in your ability to succed in business, how will you prosper?
15. Divide your investments and don’t put all your funds in one equity.
16. There is no sure thing in business. If you think its sure, you will find out the hard way that its not.
17. People will usually repeat the same financial mistakes a few times before they learn there lesson.
18. If you want to become wealthy, then connect to Hashem during your work with absolute faith and joy.

December 25, 2009

Sefer Yom LeYom Children

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Sefer Yom LeYom Children
1. We always underestmiate a childs ability to comprehend. We should soak their minds each day with knowledge & faith.
2. When children speak we should listen. We learn this from Hashem who listens to all his childrens prayers, speech and concerns.
3. The world would be a different place if only parents would have listened & given more attention to their children.
4. The entire world is held up by the Torah study of Children, so says the Talmud. Well then, we have to hold up the children & get involved in activities to help them.
5. We always blame the worlds influences on effecting our childrens well being and perspective. But don’t they simply miror their parents?
6. Lets be a better example. Children are so holy that they don’t have to see us doing bad, they just feel it.
7. We have to take upon ourselves the simplness of being like a child to his Father in Heaven.
8. A child will do amost anything for a piece of candy. Hashem has a storehouse filled with treats for adults, they simply have to follow His commandments.
9. You know why children don’t have long attention spans, because their parents don’t either.
10. A parent should always be one step ahead of their children.
11. A child’s Rebbe impacts his or her life forever.
12. Most chinuch is learned at home. Parents are the main teacher for their children.
13. The most important thing to teach children is love of DOING the actual commandments. This is taught completely by a parents pureness of heart while performing commandments infront of their kids.
14. If ones children are happy, their parent’s parnasa increases 10 fold.
15. It is very important that children are taught to wash their hands.
16. The more toys a child has to play with, the less they learn to appreciate things.
17. If you want to connect to high spiritual levels, surround yourself with children.
18. If you can’t appreciate children, what can you appreciate?

November 26, 2009

Sefer Yom LeYom eating:

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Sefer Yom LeYom eating: (I’m sending this from wifi near Yeshiva shaim v aver in tzfat)

1. Make sure to eat slowly and with concentration. Your thoughts while eating can lead you on the path of righteousness or evil when the food starts to digest and starts to be used by the body.
2. It is better to purchase food more often than too store up.
3. When you eat, make sure to concentrate on the blessing. What helps the most is to stop and think to yourself, let me say this blessing slowly.
4. Pray for physical food and nourishment each day.
5. This is very important, food has the power of nogah. When elevated with proper intentions, it elevates with a person to purity. If a person doesn’t eat with the right intentions, if the food is not kosher to the highest standards, the food drops a person from higher spiritual levels and causes them to sin.
6. Almost all sins stem from a lack of eating properly. It is the main area in a person’s life where they draw power.
7. Be careful not to eat while you are committing any improper act. This only emphasizes the power of the klipah.
8. It is very important to respect food. Many things we eat have not only sparks within them but are connected to actual souls of Jews of previous incarnations awaiting a rectification.
9. It is easy to remember to make a blessing before eating but far more easy to forget the one thereafter. Therefore, make a sign for yourself to remember. Maybe by putting an object in front of you as a symbol.
10. Certain foods warm or cool the body. Foods give vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is important to balance the things we eat and to change them.
11. Depression causes a person not to eat and drink enough or overindulge. It is important to be aware of this and keep a balanced appetite as weakness by a lack of good diet, opens a person up to sin.
12. Before benching, say the psalm 23 having in mind that it is a segulah for parnasa because the letters equal “Zan”, which represents sustenance.
13. Food is elevated all the more when you prepare it yourself.
14. Eating things you are allergic too or that are not healthy during the weekdays not only hurts a person physically but also spiritually. Shabbos can many times override this in one or both aspects.
15. Eat food on a table as then the food is like a sacrifice in the holy Temple.
16. Always make sure there is plenty of food in the house to make women and children feel secure.
17. Taking a moment before eating to think about Hashem is very helpful
18. A person should be careful that they have good nutrition, exercise so they can serve Hashem with strength.

January 29, 2009

More & More + Computer tech save me!

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I have hit a video furry, save me! I just came back from doing another. If we can’t raise the money for a new computer, I need some technically advanced human to explain to me why all usb things I plug in are unrecognized. Is this a falty motherboard? I have tried device manager fixes with no luck. Also my sound is skipping. I have run 2 antivirus and spyware.

Okay, I am going to go out on the limb here. Anyone who donates the computer will get all the money back! This is a promise from the Talmud. One will never loose from giving charity! Cause I am editing on a laptop (since the PC usb problems) with 40 gig hard drive and I have no roommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm to work! I can’t edit off the external cause it takes 8 hours to save and chances of errors are too high.

December 3, 2008

Sefer Yom LeYom, Spiritual Visions

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1. Spiritual awareness is something that grows as a person increases in holiness, purity and experience in traveling the spiritual realms.
2. When a person has learned well the spiritual experiences of Sages like Ezikiel, his visions become more real and accurate.
3. One can see the most spiritually right after the mikvah.
4. A person can see more clearly spiritually when in the presence of Tzaddikim.
5. First you have to rid yourself of ego through singing, joy in Hashem, your thoughts and only then are the Heavens open for you.
6. You cannot force spiritually, you have to invite it slowly and then raise yourself up, step by step.
7. Constant repetition and consistency is imperative in attaining spiritual visions.
8. Remove all doubt and connect to the holiness of your soul and see visions revealed from the soul itself.
9. When you are connected to the Shechinah, you are constantly seeing visions even though you may not be aware of it in your subconscious.
10. A person who sees things after selfish intentions, sees them with mistakes.
11. If it isn’t lishmah (for the sake of Heaven), don’t enter the higher realms in your thoughts as thereafter, you will find yourself in difficulties.

October 26, 2008

Sefer Yom Leyom, Advice

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Dedicated to those still coming back to the blog daily who haven’t given up on me as a teacher. Thanks…
1. A person should give advice only with kind words and selfless intentions.
2. It is easier for a person to take advice in a scenic calm setting. Especially near water.
3. A humble persons advice is taken seriously.
4. Giving advice at the wrong time to someone can lead them to commit more sins.
5. Most people give advice out of pride for themselves.
6. Don’t give advice to someone while in the company of their friends.
7. During the evening, a person is more receptive of advice.
8. If your not holding at the level of the advice your giving, don’t give it.
9. The higher a persons purity, the more understanding them have about life.
10. Better to be silent then to question the advice of a Tzaddik.
11. Even if the advice given to you is wrong, if it comes from a Tzaddik, it can become correct and carry with it tremendous blessing.
12. Don’t take advice from just anyone.
13. When you need advice, open up the e Sefer Ayin Yaakov to any page at random.
14. If you go to the grave of a Tzaddik to pray, you will always know what to do after.
15. Should you know that someone won’t accept your advice, leave them alone.
16. The best advice is given by example.
17. Sometimes the mos t important thing is not ti give advice at all but to just listen.
18. If you see may people are already advising someone, unless they are totally wrong in their advice, better to just show your friend support instead of annoying him.
19. Don’t give advice to someone wiser then you.

October 3, 2008

Sefer Yom Leyom Speech

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1. People underestimate the power of speech
2. Speech has the power to give life or the power to destroy
3. The Shechinah is drawn to someone who speaks in a soft tone and is drawn away from a loud strong voice.
4. Talk what you need to and not more.
5. A wise person can connect any conversation to Torah thoughts. So much so that he elevates the world.
6. Talking to much can make you more confused. While talking a little can unconfuse you.
7. If a person thought they were being recorded, they would watch what they say carefully. The angels are always surrounding us and recording our words in order to later testify for and against us.
8. Be in the habit of not talking about others even in cases where it is not loshon hara & then you will never come to err.
9. Better is the person that listens then he who is always talking.
10. Talking positive turns even bad into good.
11. Talking slang & without thinking is as bad for a person as eating rotten foods.
12. A person can be speaking while really being in a world much higher then revealed through his words.
13. If only we knew how much our words have damaged others by speaking lightly without thinking.
14. It can never be good to tease a person with words even if they are accepting that it is in jest.
15. A person can succeed in all relationships if they master the art of speaking.
16. Speaking to a young child with love and sweetness is one of the most important things in the world.
17. Everything about a person is revealed by their tone of voice & the way they gather together what they want to say.
18. When you fix the way you talk to others, you are also purifying your heart.

September 26, 2008

Sefer Yom Lyom. Music Part 1

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1. Music has the power to heal and the power to destroy
2. When a person plays or sings music, this can fix all his flaws.
3. Every person who purifies himself is able to hear the songs of the malachim, angels.
4. When you sing or play heartfelt songs the malachim join you.
5. Sometimes only music has the power to revive the soul.
6. The highest form of music is one that is no longer audible.
7. At first let the words themselves inspire you , then let the tune itself carry you even higher from level to level
8. People never reach the real potential of a song because they end it too soon.
9. Let a song bring you into a meditative level.
10. A child who can sing beautifully can bring you to places nobody else can.
11. Everyone’s taste in music is different, this shows how powerful it is.

September 19, 2008

Sefer Yom LeYom Anger

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1. Just like fire destroys all in its path, so does anger.
2. Once you over come anger, you can easily destroy all other traits.
3. A person who is angry, is really angry at Hashem and this is a grave sin similar to worshiping idles.
4. Anger blocks shefa and parnasa.
5. An angry person just hurts themselves and makes his own situation worse.
6. Anger leads to depression.
7. One must never have anger at their children.
8. To get rid of anger, make an (angry jar) and drop in a marble, letting your ears hear the sound of replaced anger and your eyes seeing the anger withdrawing itself from within you.
9. Nobody likes a person who gets angry.
10. Learn to look for the good points of others and in your life and you will become more slow to anger.
11. What is the purpose of being angry when it really doesn’t help you change the situation itself. The only way to improve the situation is too accept it or plan a productive solution.
12. Anger stems from Pride.
13. There is not enough room for Hashem in ones life if they have anger.
14. A person who is angry draws to themselves many illnesses.
15. Someone who is angry at others is really angry with themselves.
16. Speaking slowly and softly helps a person to change their natural tendency to anger.
17. Never call out to anyone, even your children in a loud voice.
18. Anything you say to others while angry, you usually come to regret. So keep silent & with daats release your troubled heart.

Sefer Yom Lyom Shabbos

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1. What you put into Shabbos is what you get out of it.
2. It is beneficial to light many candles for Shabbos, especially with oil.
3. Try to cook at least one dish for Shabbos personally or to prepare the food in some way.
4. A person should study a lot of Torah on Shabbos. Sipurey Maisios and spiritual teachings are especially beneficial.
5. Engaging in heartfelt singing on Shabbos can bring a person to tremendous spiritual revelations.
6. Eat the fish meal on Shabbos slowly and with concentration. Use just your fingers.
7. Go out of your way as much as possible to have guests for Shabbos, of course not at the expense of your children.
8. It is good to go to the mikvah shabbos morning as early as possible. Everything can be attained through the Shabbos morning mikvah. Connect yourself to many Tzaddikim while immersing as explained elsewhere.
9. Do not spaire comfort on Shabbos. Leave extra lights on so the house is bright. Keep the thermometer at the most comfortable temperature sparing no cost
10. What you talk about and the way you talk should be different on Shabbos. Do not speak about things you are worried about or business.
11. When making Kiddush, put around your Kiddush cup, 6 small cups filled with wine. The large cup representing the Shabbos and the 6 cups the weekdays which draw from it.
12. Smell many spices before Shabbos and during Shabbos night.
13. Circle the Shabbos table 7 times while reciting Shalom Alechem.
14. Those learning Zohar should do so especially on shabbos night after chatzos.
15. Make sure your hands are perfectly dry before making Hamotzee or touching anything.
16. When reciting Kiddush, have in mind the word Gevi-lon which is the secret of Shefa.
17. The Kiddush cup represents all of the Jewish people, when you hand the cup from your left hand to your right after it is raised by both, you are drawing holiness from the right to the left and bringing blessing to all people. Continue to have Klal Yisrael in mind until the end of Kiddush.
18. Concentrate on your Shabbos table floating in the higher worlds. When you have your siuda for Shabbos, a reflection of your table is above.

September 17, 2008

Sefer Yom LeYom being written everywhere

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Unlike all my other books which were written in Kollel, my porch overlooking the Arizal or my study, this latest one is being writing all over Tzfat and Meron by Kivray Tzaddikim. Of course, also on my porch. I usually am writing something around the time of Shekia each night. It is just extra special to me that this book is being written in holy surroundings which are constantly changing. I’m trying very hard to make it original thoughts as much as I can. This is the first time I am writing something live like this, putting up each chapter as it is finished. I am working on a new page as requested instead of placing the information on the blog.

Sefer Yom LeYom Humility/Pride

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1. When a person is humble they can draw from chesed and gevurah, the right and the left side simultaneously.
2. With humility comes divine inspiration.
3. Humility leads one to wisdom.
4. A person who reaches humidity during prayer, it is a sign their prayer is accepted.
5. The goal of all wisdom is to realize you are nothing and the purpose of this is that humility leads to more pure wisdom and understanding.
6. The only way to truly be connected to Hashem is to think of yourself as nothing.
7. Ask yourself, who is the lowest Jew in the world?
8. The Shechinah seeks out those who are humble and attaches to them.
9. People with pride draw to themselves friends just like them. Men full of falseness.
10. A prideful person is never truly happy.
11. Pride pushes Hashem away.
12. People seek to learn from someone who has humility.
13. It is healthy to meditate on humility during prayer.
14. If there is one thing you should take pride in, it is that you are a Jew.
15. Singing with pure intentions can lead to humility. While for honor, it can lead one away from Hashem and take those listening away from Him as well.
16. A humble person doesn’t share everything he knows.
17. One should be especially humble with their spouse.
18. You can see from the way a person eats if they are humble.

September 14, 2008

Sefer Yom Leyom, Daily Practices: Happiness

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Written by Rav Korspedia grave?
1. Happiness should not be dependant on others.
2. A person accomplishes more when they are happy.
3. It is difficult to be happy when your feeling fatigued.
4. When you think too much because you have too much free time, your confusions turn into depression.
5. A person is happy when they can give to others.

6. It is difficult to be happy when you owe others.

7. You have 613 reasons to be happy.

8. Putting things off that have to get done turn them into unhappy, stressful thoughts.

9. A person who is satisfied with what they have and who doesn’t think about their lacking, is always happy.

10. When a person is acting like themselves and not trying to look good in others eyes, they are happy.

11. Holy music and singing a turn makes a happy heart.

12. It is good to express your unhappiness to a close friend or Rabbi.

13. Unhappiness can come and go but joy should be forever

Written at Rav Tafron’s Grave

14. Recital of tehillim pushes away sadness.?
15. Beautiful scenery eases the mind from sadness and anxiety.
16. Eating fruits help a person to be joyous.?
17. There is always a reason to be happy, just latch onto it.?
18. Being sad is like allowing the satan keys to the inner doors of your life, What would you allow this?
NEXT CHAPTER.. Holy Names… I decided not to post on the blog