May 18, 2006

Help me Design

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I just completed a redesign of
I also did a temorary redesign of the homepage.

Please, I want to go through all the pages and fix them, tell me which ones you think need redesign and which ones you like. I want to hit them one by one and then I will get back to writing Torah full time again. It is very difficult on me to play both worlds well so I would like to finish this one and move on. The new design of TorahVideo should be completed soon. It should be the best Video site on the web when completed.

May 8, 2006

This weeks events at my house

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-My wife took a day to go to Jerushalayim. I have two kids B’H to babysit, she has the baby.
-Wendsday, we are having a party for Gabriela, we assisted her to convert a month ago and we are making her now a party. Anyone want to come? Woman only sorry;)
-Shabbos, we are always having guests. Usually seminary girls join us lately from somewhere on the Nevey Campus. Don’t get me wrong, I like having bochorim but it just seems easier to have girls as guests. Maybe cause I don’t have to do all the talking…
-I had brought over from America a new harddrive and wireless modem, a few other supplies, guess what, B’H it just arrived and between all the hands, we missed the rebates. Over $100 worth. Congraduations Tigerdirect!
-I sold a pair of tefillin last week, one person is interested in a mezuzah this week.
-I purchased a pair of dumbells to work out a bit. The Rambam says we have to take care of our bodies as well as our souls. A bit hard to do when you are working on the computer a lot.

Well, Well

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I had hired someone (non Jew) for the new site Video Programming design, he started it, then his uncle is now dying. He asked to be dropped from the project. The holiness of this project becomes more and more clear to me as I see how hard it is to finish. I am keeping the particulars a secret but my friends, the video site, just think of the potential…

That is what I am trying to do now. Little money, no help… I think I can, I think I can!!!!!!!!!

Never giving up.
(never in the world should anyone not write me thinking that I will push them to give me money, I am not like that.)

April 30, 2006

So much to do, so little help and money

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Today I started to learn php programming as I don’t have enough money to hire help. Should I bring the script to kollel instead of a sefer?

I haven’t taken my family on an outing in over a month. I was going to buy a car so I could do so and so I could create more Torah Videos by Tzaddikim and of Eretz Yisrael. Instead, it appears the money will go directly to the site layout.

I am short $800 for my current project. It involves an extensive redesign of torahvideo using the highest techology. The project can be finished in 5 days and will help save at least 200 lives. Why do I feel so alone on this?

April 27, 2006

New Flash Design, Lots of work

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I am still preparing for the new design. It has taken me far more hours then I had thought to take ilovetorah to the next level. After many delays, slowly we are getting to the final desigh ideas. The video site will be state of the art!!!!!!!

April 14, 2006

Name the Blog

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I have been struggling to come up with a name for the blog.
Please write in your ideas.

April 12, 2006

burnt chametz

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Okey, I have burned all my my chometz, now what do I do?

Pesach coming

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Well nobody told me blog instructions. Am I supposed to blog every day? Jimmy from Cleavland sujested tonight that I do a video of my checking the house for chometz, so I did one. I keep thinking about how much I need a car to create more videos and write divrey Torah in the mountains. You know, Tzfat is a very interesting place. There is the idra which is 7 minutes away. No bus goes there but in the old days, that is where Rabbi Shimon taught over the highest secrets of the zohar. The Arizal once went there and sat his students in the exact same spots as Rabbi Shimon did. This place is usually diserted during the day so I could sit with a laptop and work on my sefarim for kiruv. Would be great. I also need a new laptop to do this. So, car and laptop, Hashem please help me!
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April 10, 2006

The Most inspirational part of my websites, whats your opinion?

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Please share with me and other viewers, what you feel is the most inspirational part of ilovetorah. Also what is has done to help benifit your life and avodas Hashem, service of our Creator.
Genau das aber machte die handlungs- und funktionsfähigkeit des doktorarbeit schreiben lassen sr letztlich abhängig von diesen staaten und ihrer einigung.

New Design coming

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I am working with top flash specialists to design an all new ilovetorah, torahvideo completely state of the art. I believe it should be completed in about one week. There is so much good material already but the site is overwelming as it is trying to handle all the content. I have always found that as soon as I make a new design, I outgrow it not long after (that is why you always see things stuck in). I am hoping with a new state of the art design, visitors will now be astonished at the true content of these sites, not realizing how much material has really been there all along.

I’m also hoping to get back to my roots of creating more content itself, writing and doing new videos daily once a set theme is in place on the site. I’ve found that doing this all my self from the ground up, really hurts my ability to create new material. I wish Hashem blessed me with the right help and volenteers so I can focus on priorities, teaching Torah. I also need the money to hire out so all the weight doesn’t rest on my shoulders.
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How is your pesach cleaning going?

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I feel bad as I hurt my foot so it is difficult for me to help my wife this week to get ready for pesach. How is your preperations coming along my friends? Don’t forget when you clean the house for chametz that you are also cleaning yourself from improper midos.

You know, you can’t just fix yourself spiritually without working on yourself physically. One has to set better scheduals for themselves, organize their life and surroundings. This is why Hashem has us doing actual physical preparations instead of just spiriutally working for pesach, because in order to fix ourselves, we must real get down their and clean up our physical attitude.

Ah, didn’t I say I wouldn’t use the blog to write divar Torahs but keep them on the website in an organized fashion!
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The Very First Blog, Why is Reb Moshe Blogging

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Hello everyone,

Most people want to start a blog for their own personal needs. This blog is for you as I truly have no desire for myself to create one. I first started this journey by researching webmaster forums to deside what exactly a blog is. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think I have ever really read a blog before. Maybe I have been in the dark here but when I searched the webmaster forums it said, blogs are for people who don’t know how to create websites and forums. I thought to myself, this is true, a blog is beneith me as I have been creating websites for 10 years but then I thought again, this is what people like, this is what people want. This is what I must do.

The other thoughts that ran through my brain were.
-They don’t want to know my daily wars
-I’ll be holding back a lot, lol
-How will I have time
-This is no way should take the place of writing normal divar Torahs
-Oh my how many crazy goyim will begin to post on my blog
-It can’t be any worse then when I made a forum 4 years ago
-Why do people care about someone’s personal daily thoughts

My final thought.
-This is a really good idea. People will communicate more about the website and its teachings. The site will be more interactive, it will improve, I will make many new friends and people will feel a part of my life, why they want this, I don’t know but they will feel it and it will be a GOOD THING.

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