Air of Wisdom


    Hashem created 4 main areas in Israel in which represent and give over the main elements of creation. Jerusalem is fire, Chevron is earth, Tiberius is water and Tzfas is fire. Each of these places have the properties of these elements stronger then in any other place. Air/Wind is known to help a person attain wisdom. Because it represents this, naturally it has the freshest, cleanest and within this element is pure wisdom. Many of those who need this element are they who tend to be more closed up, less outgoing, quiet, loners, thinkers and the more spiritual minded. Those who would enjoy visiting Tzfas a lot are they who tend to be more outgoing, very social and lifelike. Those with this nature love it here because Tzfas gives over the personal qualities they already possess naturally but they cannot manage to live here as it does not do anything for them. Everything can be understood within the name of a person. The name shows the elements and true nature behind a person. One cannot possibly judge another as they do not have the same mix of elements within them as their fellow.

    So you might ask, why is Tzfas such a great place for those seekers of wisdom. Let me give you some practical answers. Other places in Israel get their mail daily but in Tzfas, we get the mail when the mailman decides he wants to shlep down the hill and back up. Repairmen usually don't come for weeks here but nor does the shutoff notice or workman when you don't pay your bills on time. There is no pressure really in Tzfat, you have to create your own. This enables people like myself whom are writers to have a clearer mind. Talmedei Chachamim to focus on a daf of Gemera without any distractions. Then you look upon the spectacular views and your mind is settled enabling you to think deep thoughts. This is why Tzfat was always a place for the Talmudists and kabbalists to come and learn.

    It is unbelievable how many Tzaddikim are buried up here in Tzfas. On the road from Tzfas to Meron there are about 20 Talmudists from the time of the Gemara. Within 20 minutes of Tzfats you have 3 Prophets whom are buried here. It is obvious that Tzfas has always been a place for the great to attain their greatness.